youtube gone widescreen

youtube gone widescreen

Something weird happened, when I followed a digg link. I noticed that all the YouTube videos appeared in a widescreen format…?!

It’s true that some sites already report that there are widescreen thumbnails on YouTube already, but they are just speculating about whether widescreen will be incorporated now.

However, this is what I saw, when I watched this video.


Old 4:3 videos are displayed on a widescreen as well:


Some pseudo widescreen videos, which were submitted in a 4:3 format with black borders on top and bottom, look like this:


I wondered about how that happened. I use Opera on a MacBook with 1280×800 screen resolution.

So I tested it on Safari:


Doesn’t seem to work, does it?

Firefox doesn’t show widescreen either:


I thought it was an Opera thing, so I tried it on my Windows PC, running Opera as browser. I can’t get the same effect there. Not even when I changed the screen resolution to 1280×800 and restarted Opera.

I also asked a few more people. But nobody seems to have a clue. What’s going on?

edit: I deleted the cookies on Opera, and the widescreen is gone… and it didn’t come back when I signed into my YouTube account…

A wild guess is that they randomly distributed cookies to test widescreen on a few people before they roll out for everybody. Time will tell what YouTube is up to…

edit2: I ended up finding out how to enable widescreen mode. Continue reading here!

9 Responses to “youtube gone widescreen”

  1. dix says:

    yo youtube widescreen baby!

    i cant wait see imported asian dvds on youtube widescreen!
    soo hard findin’ them ’round here, no black market…………..

    adult dvds, should i say……