Emo blogpost for groups feeling like we’re stealing projects.


Ok, so since there are groups with people who can’t keep their cool nowdays, I’ll show what we’re thinking when we take up mangas. Seems we can’t keep our hands off others’ projects, right?
This is about Snoopy’s comment in his last volume of Lucu Lucu of course, but not only.

Hayate no Gotoku
Musashi Quality sure had a nice quality but nobody will care anymore if at their rate they’ll reach 120 in 2012. We consider their project as stalled, and we’ve taken this manga up. Not to mention, we love this manga more than any other. Any fan will agree with our decision of taking it like this.

TEA-scans wasn’t releasing this from april.
Taken up because the anime was out, started releasing before any else but Nagi-scans, who stopped releasing two releases or so later. Dynasty is coming up, but in fact it’s them adding themselves to “competition”. I don’t think it matters if TEA is in any way related to Dynasty, still three quarters of a year in the middle.

Last chapter that isn’t ours was released back in April by Fusion scans. This mean it’s a dead project for them. Hence, we took it up.

Zero no Tsukaima
Last release in may by AquaStar. Dead project, we took it up.

Lucu Lucu
Wasn’t released for two months and we wanted to translate it already since a while. Then when we started even though a whole volume was released we couldn’t drop the idea (do we have to wait again?) and went on with volume 5. Interesting that even volume 5 was released, so we’ll put out our chapter 39 and not end editing 40 and 41 to not waste more time.

Basically, in the end, we never took up projects that are completely new. These are also projects with tons of people waiting for the next chapters of course, who won’t get a thing if we don’t intervene. If we just started new projects, we’d leave these people without their mangas ended, and by following that ridiculous logic of always starting a new manga, there would be lots of incomplete scanlations.

What’s more, we don’t shit over other groups. Nor we call ourselves better…
Let me add, this is no free storage website, this is a whole VPS server, I pay with my pocket and the ads aren’t enough to cover the costs. This same website is coded in a big part by us, in fact it took many unsleepy nights to create it at our needs. And it’s the same for releasing our mangas frequently enough. Or to fix problems coming up a minute before release, and so on. We’re a very active busy group, as many others.

It’s lovely how people who has problems with us label us as lower level. People should just live up to competition. And expect such things to happen.

Should we keep up translating Lucu Lucu? Hell no, if the translator is fast enough we’ll just go reading his version, we actually don’t care as long as we can read it. Pretty much the philosophy we have.

“We translate it so we can read it”.

…and next time mail me if you’re going to mass release so I cut it asap. For fucks sake. It’s not like we don’t have enough work to deal with already.

additional note by guorbatschow: it’s not like any of us has the rights on any of the scanlated mangas, so stop being possessive. We are as much “legitimate” scanlation group as any other. If you can keep up the pace, great. If not, we are going to keep it up for the sake of the readers.

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  1. DESU says:

    >>…and next time mail me if you’re going to mass release so I cut it asap.
    Actually you should have probably checked with Snoopy. He is right to criticize multiple groups working on a project (especially without informing each other). He shouldn’t criticize people working on dead (apparently) projects. He SHOULD criticize the 20+ groups working on Naruto, Bleach, etc.

    Oh by the way (since you’re not working on Lucu Lucu anymore), there are a lot of people waiting a group to pick up the new Rozen Maiden. Released monthly. 8 chapters are out. There exist Japanese>Russian>English translations (translator has been missing for months), but I imagine a lot is lost in translation…

  2. thatdude says:

    Just do your thing, man. Don’t worry about what those other people are whining about. I, and many others, appreciate what you guys do (and what other scanlators do, too) . Tell that dude to be a man, stop crying and stop hating, because it’s the type of thing he did that makes the community look like petty, self-righteous children (which it definitely is not). He needs to shut up and sit down somewhere…and you need to give me more Tona Gura!!! Just playing, but keep up the good work cause we really do appreciate it.

  3. darkzero297 says:

    I agree, incompetent groups that don’t do their scanlations have no right to try and insult groups that will get the job done.

    You guys, keep up the good work.

  4. lucufan008 says:

    I agree with taking up dead scanlations, there’s no problem with that. However, I myself have worked on many scanlations (since 2003), head up my own group and have worked with several others in the past. When we decide/have decided to pick up a project some other group is/was doing it is ALWAYS the right thing to at least to TRY TO contact said group first to see what their plans for release are. It is DOUBLE-WRONG to release ahead of a group once they break there butts releasing an entire freakin’ volume for the pleasure of the readers! If you had gone ahead and just released volume 4, chapter 1 that you CLAIMED to be working on… I don’t think there would have been an issue. Again, it only takes a second to drop and email or run by the groups forums… make that effort and you will work around a lot of senslessness. If they don’t reply in a few days, then screw ‘em since they obviously must not care anymore. But I cannot agree with what was done with your releases as you obviously went around there hard efforts of bringing this series to the public in a straight-forward manor (if you didn’t notice, the translator changed recently, perhaps because the other one was slowing the project down?). Pay attention next time.

    Sorry if that sounded harsh, but I’ve seen this happen before. I do appreciate EVERY scanlators efforts out there, but also find it senseless to double-up projects like this. There are SO MANY manga out there I would love to read in English that get ignored. Thanks for your hard work in bringing us the end to TRULY dropped projects.

  5. sharpe1 says:

    I’d have to agree with both sides on this :P

    was the project indeed dead or did you attempt to contact the scanlators to see if it was indeed dropped (just curious). I myself have done a couple of projects (luckily none were doubled up) and I’d be pretty miffed too if my projects were taken up. At the same time, I understand the want to bring something that seems to be behind. *shrugs* neither here nor there now though is it :P Anyhow…can’t wait for more kannagi XD XD XD

  6. anna says:

    i guess snoopycool could’ve contacted you instead of writing a (pretty mean, wow) note… but foolrulez should’ve done that in the first place, so they were only answering your rudeness. finishing abandoned projects is good and all (thank you!) but i think you had bad timing >_<

    ps: joint projects ftw. if it’s not about fame, don’t hesitate to share it!
    (@ both groups)

  7. Snoopy says:

    Let me spell something out for you and you tell me how it looks from my perspective. I release volume 4 of Lucu on Christmas Day. Then I see that you released the next chapter a week or so later and my first thought is ‘oh crap, I’ve been offline detoxing from the xmas release and missed their email asking for a joint, suck’, rush to my inbox and… nothing’s there. Rush to the forums and… well, something’s there, but it’s my editor running around her house breaking things in anger asking me if she can cuss you out for being jackasses. Of course, I play the adult and say that cussing people out never solves anything, but I’m actually probably more pissed at you than her… most of my staff doesn’t deal with the politics of the community because I shelter them from it. It’s the part that isn’t fun. But it’s definitely the part that keeps things moving smoothly, and when you ignore it, you really piss me off.

    Now, it’s a week or so later, we’ve released another volume, partly in response to your jackassery and partly because we were planning to have big Lucu releases anyway… and my staff whispers to me that you’re claiming that you couldn’t stop the process as if it was some sort of steam locomotive barreling out of control because of the immense speed at which you were working. You had a week and a half to avoid stepping on people’s toes and making very stressed group owners very angry. Christmas got us into the spirit and we decided that we were going to go ahead and get caught up on Lucu, and so we started the ball rolling with a volume, planning more big releases and the end of volume 9 by March. Then some popinjay freshy fresh fresh comes in without any notice at all and waltzes over the boundary lines, oblivious to the world around them.

    Here’s a sentence that you need to read: Just because you don’t know the rules of etiquette in the manga community does not mean that they don’t exist. Apparently you’d go to Mongolia and whistle while spitting and pointing at people and tell them that they’re irrational for getting angry at you simply because you didn’t know that what you did was offensive.

    I’m not even going to comment on the website costs… I know them well. Multiply yours by my 3GB of manga downloads (dedicated server) and 4000 daily visitors and then remove advertisements. I actually used that as a statement of time… I suppose I should have said 2002 or 2003, but I forget the actual year, so I used a landmark instead. I’m not against BT or free storage sites in the least, I think they’re great, it was more like “I had to walk 5 miles uphill to school in the snow BOTH WAYS!”

    You seem like nice people who don’t have any clue that what you did would annoy someone… I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. You also seem to think that ‘dead project’ equals anything that hasn’t been worked on in months, which is actually not true… if the team working on a dead project is still active, then the project isn’t dead. If you’d like to take it over, then the correct method is to request that the original team list the project as dropped and then take it (this also opens the door to joints). You’ll make far more friends this way, and alliances can help you a lot when you’re down and out looking for staff or bandwidth or whatever, as well as to pave the way for future joint projects (we’re looking into joints on some of our less active projects, Lucu included, and would have agreed had you simply emailed me with a proposal). Instead, I assume blissfully unaware, you burned bridges and slapped faces and then cry that you did nothing wrong expecting your leeches to back you up and make you feel better.

    Picking up a dead project is a valuable act for the community, I’ve done it myself when we picked up Houshin Engi… really, it’s the fastest way to gain popularity and actually do some good for the fans, and there are hundreds of manga that only need a few volumes to be finished. So, knowing all this, why scavenge something from an active group right after they release a volume of it if there’s so much available that’s been dead for years? There’s even a thread on MU about what dropped projects people want to see finished… the research is done and it’s written out, clear as day.

    This is specifically to the guy who called me incompetent (I’m not a haughty person, really, but geez, is it actually possible to be so out of the loop?). I laugh in your general direction and hope to the Great Spaghetti in the sky that you can someday claim competency half as high in any given subject that I hold in this one.
    History lesson: We’ve released more manga than any other group in the history of this community, bar none. That means well over 300 volumes of manga, scanned (by us, no free low quality internet raws), translated (I’ve translated over 100 volumes personally), edited (I’ve also edited over 800 chapters), and wrapped up in a bow (complete with free direct downloads for everything that isn’t licensed, no registration required), all for the fans that obviously appreciate it oh so much. I dare say that qualifies me as the most competent scanslator ever… I’ve worked harder for you than you could ever hope to comprehend.

  8. guorbatschow says:


    from your perspective it might looked quite harsh.

    but from our perspective, it’s like suddenly somebody decided to start flaming from all sides without any warning at all.

    and you are still doing it.

    yes, we admit that we might have overlooked something, and we have already stopped working on lucu lucu. still no reason to abandon being civilized. a bit more diplomacy might be appropriate.

    instead of thinking “omg those bastards are trying to take what’s rightfully mine”, you could also calm down and contact us. just as you haven’t been contacted before we picked up lucu lucu, neither have we before you started your flame campaign.

    if you did, we could have solved the whole misunderstanding. nobody wins right now. you are portraying us as some unmoral people and yourself as a hotheaded guy yearning for recognition who draws conclusions too early.

    i’m not going to comment on your attitude of looking down to people just because you are more experienced.

  9. woxxy says:

    Talking to a calm group of people like us like that is just pointless, I guessed you would have come to that conclusion already.

    I should say that I am sorry for childishly overtaking your manga. That’s right, we started working on it like blind, it happened as it was a side-side project and we didn’t even bother to check things. That’s the reason why it went on like a unstoppable train, we didn’t even pull the brakes. To be honest I didn’t know what SnoopyCool was till 4 days ago.
    I’ll add that I am sorry that you thought that there wouldn’t be any possibility of conversation, making you work that hard. I think this could have been solved in a blogpost saying “we’re translating it”.

    For the rest, go learn some real manners before teaching us netiquette and manga etiquette. We are never going to pull such kind of story. Which makes us already superior in something to you who’s so experienced.

  10. Snoopy says:

    I have no interest in being civil or giving you the respect that you failed to give me, friend. All respect I could have had for you was lost when you utterly failed to give even the slightest nod in my direction. That isn’t something that you can undo. I will, though, stop… doing whatever it is I’m doing that isn’t calm (I intended to put up my perspective and then give advice, and while angry, I actually re-wrote my post giving it a much nicer tone than it originally had). I hope, for your future happiness in this community, that any projects you take on are taken through the appropriate channels, or that you continue nicking projects from groups full of pussies.

  11. guorbatschow says:

    i guess this is the internet after all.

    i should hang out at 4chan to get used to it. :)

  12. woxxy says:

    A drunk driver telling a pedestrian to always say thanks with a hand when a car lets you pass through the street because that’s the right thing to do.

  13. Rayn Hinako says:

    -sigh- What happened to caring about the fans…

    The reason why both groups are translating them is beacuse of the community, correct?
    There was a mistake. We’re human. Suck it up. No one’s perfect.
    I’m not part of either group. I’m a reader. I don’t know whose at fault, nor do I care. You’re both on the same side, so why argue with one another?

    As the more experienced one, Snoopy, you should have cleared things up without blitzing on woxxy’s team. Hell, as the more experienced one, you should have just contacted everyone who was ‘stepping on your turf’ and cleared things up instead of making that ‘page’. It was really uncalled for. woxxy, how did you not know about SnoopyCool? Unless you haven’t read any of their scanlated manga –’

    Honestly, the last statement you gave Snoopy was uncalled for. I respected all of your comments and understood what you were saying, but most of it’s lost with that one line. You admit Lucu wasn’t one of your main projects, so why not repair the relationship by offering it now?

    Well, it’s too late, unless Snoopy decides to come back and clear things up with you. Or you can take initiative. I just don’t like the idea of two groups feuding…. -sigh-

  14. Cave (SC editor) says:

    Stop trying to act like you did nothing wrong and we are wrong for being upset over this. “Ignorance of the law does not exempt you from the law.” Obviously someone was following SC’s releases and SC’s name and website is put in almost every chapter somewhere.

    Just take responsibility. I hadn’t ever worked on Lucu and was pissed off when I saw the release. I feel bad for the people who work on it; I don’t even know how I’d feel if it were one of my projects.

    Two months is hardly a long time btw.

  15. Rayn Hinako says:

    This is the internet. There is no law. At least not yet, so don’t come up with stuff.
    -unless you can prove the internet has ‘law’ somewhere-

    Apparently this reader’s blog ment nothing to you. Sheesh. Flaming only leads to more flaming. Hate leads to more hate.

    Your group is angry. Give it a few days. Kiss and make up. Seriously. You’re all good people.

  16. woxxy says:

    Do you even want money for moral damages now? I already contacted OneManga to please you a while ago.

    No, I gave the ok for a project I didn’t know anything about. I heard of the existence of SnoopyCool in last days. Or if you don’t understand it, since I knew SnoopyCool scans of course: I didn’t know you guys were scanlating it actively, so my OK was interpreted in a wrong way obviously.

    For what regards the phrase: “Ignorance of the law does not exempt you from the law.”
    Are you joking? Don’t you see there’s absolutely no law in this (you guys are showing it big time) and all you’re getting now is not because we’re following a law, but because we’re just that nice? What you do is making such a big mess for two chapters we’ve released.

    If we wanted we wouldn’t even say sorry (we already did, twice, for two different reasons), and it wouldn’t make any difference for us. We could even keep our chapters on OneManga. Yet you guys seem to not have enough cold blood to say “ok whatever”.

    We’re being nice and letting you have all the cake.

    Ah, it was still you guys calling us Jackass. Who’s the jackass? I don’t know if here’s any but surely it’s not us.

  17. Regulus says:

    Internet has no laws… funny… Explain that to the RIAA that’s been suing 26k people for downloading from the internet. If internet is indeed lawless, we should be download whatever we want.

  18. woxxy says:

    Rules for internet themselves change from nation to nation. Your rules won’t apply in my state for sure. That’s why “rules don’t exist on the internet”. What’s more, there aren’t real rules on cyberbullying, nor for races for manga releasing, or for how much you win by hacking in games and so on.

    Downloading stuff is another story anyway, it’s not about internet itself, it’s about acquiring illegal stuff ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Just check what’s RIAA about and you’ll understand you talked about meat while we were talking about pasta.

  19. scizzer12 says:

    I’m the editor who worked on Lucu Lucu here and after reading all the comments above, I have come to the conclusion that by picking up Lucu Lucu we were putting our hand in a fire ant’s nest expecting a holy grail….

    Originally I thought that picking up Lucu was a bad idea, but I thought it would possibly work out somehow, I have learned though; scizzer12 should not think or assume.

    I know this could step on somebody’s toes (especially the bossman here) but this whole thing was, in my opinion, brought on by FoOlRulez hastily working on something without asking if it was dead or dropped. A simple message to SnoopyCool, or a visit to their website could have settled this without this flame war. (This is especially my fault because I already thought it a bad idea to begin with).

    I also know that it was immature of Snoopy to post a public page denouncing his fellow scanlators. As stated above, we’re all doing this to read it and because we enjoy it, not for fame or competition. Instead of stooping to the levels of (evil) spammers and flamers, he could have sent a message to Woxxy, or me or Treece or dropped by the forum and told us we were overstepping our boundaries.

    In the future, I’ll be sure to check things out thoroughly before doing something I’m unsure of.

    I was going to write more but I have a short attention span.

    Moar love and kisses,

    P.S. On a less serious note, I think that “We translate it so we can read it” should be our motto.

  20. MrEngenious says:

    Let’s clarify something on Dynasty’s part:

    “TEA-scans wasn’t releasing this from april.
    Taken up because the anime was out, started releasing before any else but Nagi-scans, who stopped releasing two releases or so later. Dynasty is coming up, but in fact it’s them adding themselves to “competition”. I don’t think it matters if TEA is in any way related to Dynasty, still three quarters of a year in the middle.”

    Fact: TEA-scans was dying and then later died. However, the members who remained MERGED with Dynasty. Dynasty and TEA were sister groups, jointing on several projects and whatnot. I don’t see how them being so close would not matter in Dynasty picking up projects they were already helping with before the merge.
    So it’s not surprising that a few members (since I do not represent Dynasty as a whole, but I know how some of them feel) find your activity on Kannagi not so pleasant.

    I was going to originally post some rant, but after reading the recent comments I can say that no sides are going to see the others’ way for a while, so might as well not bother with my opinion for now.

    One last fact towards those wanting the groups to “make up with each other”…
    Not going to happen for a while (if at all) the way things are going.

  21. woxxy says:


    Yeah kinda. Next time tell me lol, I’m already busy with organization IRL and it’s easy for me to mix things with the manga group. I know I hardly fail but if there’s something odd in what I am doing just tell me already.

    I can bet how Dynasty members feels. I think you can imagine how I’d answer since I’m the guy who works on Kannagi after all and I am the one wanting it to be translated. This is just called competition.

    I’m just rather not comprehending how we’re doing anything wrong if we’re making so it’s like we never released our stuff. Really…

  22. guorbatschow says:

    according to mangaupdates, dynasty-scans picked up kannagi 20 days after we published our chapter 11. they are still lagging behind. given that we can’t possibly know the background story to this whole TEA migrates to dynasty thing…

    we should be asking them to drop the project if we were going to act like snoopy.

    oh and about the “law”. netiquette works only in direct interaction with people. there is no case where you have to be considerate to people you don’t know about and you don’t know that they know about you. RIAA is not about the internet. it’s about piracy. if you copy music by burning it on CDs, they still sue you. the internet works with communicating. that’s why for DMCA claims, you have to issue DMCA notices to people who use your copyrighted material.

    sure it would have been nice if we asked first, for which we already apologized. then again, flaming isn’t forbidden in the internet by “law” either.

  23. scizzer12 says:

    I had an amazing idea, We start a drive to collect TOOOOOONNNSSS of money, and then buy the proper licenses and stamp people with taxes, prices, and overall BS on the volumes. We could even start capitalizing everything!


    We can make up, admit that we are both wrong, end the subject, learn from it and enjoy releases from SnoopyCool, Dynasty, and FoOlRulez.

    Personally I vote for option 3 which Is to relinquish world control to scizzer12, but that’s just my opinion.

  24. Anonymous says:

    TEA-scans wasn’t releasing this from april.
    Taken up because the anime was out, started releasing before any else but Nagi-scans, who stopped releasing two releases or so later. Dynasty is coming up, but in fact it’s them adding themselves to “competition”. I don’t think it matters if TEA is in any way related to Dynasty, still three quarters of a year in the middle.”

    You don’t think it matters? True, Dynasty is not TEA. But take a closer look at those credit pages. The proofers are the same in both TEA and Dynasty: Jerl/StrongBad and myself. Check it. The translator hasn’t changed, either. The only thing that changed is the editor and that’s because TEA went on indefinite hiatus (and the editor was the leader of TEA). In reality all Dynasty releases could be TEA-Dynasty joint project releases. So when you say that TEA “hasn’t released since April,” while ridiculing Dynasty for, as you put it, “adding themselves to competition,” then you’re making an ignorant statement. TEA handed Kannagi over to Dynasty before the Anime came into the equation.

    “Fact: TEA-scans was dying and then later died. However, the members who remained MERGED with Dynasty. Dynasty and TEA were sister groups, jointing on several projects and whatnot. I don’t see how them being so close would not matter in Dynasty picking up projects they were already helping with before the merge.
    So it’s not surprising that a few members (since I do not represent Dynasty as a whole, but I know how some of them feel) find your activity on Kannagi not so pleasant.”

    We were already in Dynasty, actually. The difference between TEA and Dynasty was the type of projects we do, really. Kannagi was handed over to Dynasty as a favour. None of this “Dynasty saw that ‘foolzrulez’ were doing Kannagi and were jealous so they took all of TEA’s Kannagi staff sans editor and starting a pissing contest with ‘foolzrulez.’” You think we’re in this for some kind of sordid, release-first glory? We’re quality scanlation, not speed scans.

    Oh, and @guorbatschow:
    Congrats, here you have the head QC of TEA. What more would you like to know?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Comment #2341 is me, Se, by the way. The form doesn’t seem to want to accept my name.

  26. guorbatschow says:

    somebody give me a device so i can see 20 days into the future to see that dynasty decided to pick up kannagi. let me further see that in that release, they are going to have the same names as TEA originally had in the credits.

    oh wait no! if i could do that, i could just copy that release from the future and save all the work!

    about us being ignorant that TEA handed it over to dynasty… i got this quote from the hitchhiker’s

    Mr Prosser: “But the plans were on display…”
    Arthur: “On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”
    Mr Prosser: “That’s the display department.”
    Arthur: “With a torch.”
    Mr Prosser: “Ah, well the lights had probably gone.”
    Arthur: “So had the stairs.”
    Mr Prosser: “But look, you found the notice didn’t you?”
    Arthur: “Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard.”

  27. Se says:

    There’s a difference there.

    Arthur did not make an unfounded insult towards the concept of his house being demolished before the plans came into the equation. In fact, most insults he could have made would have been justified.

    I didn’t say, “you should have looked at the credits;” I said “look at the credits.” The subtle nuance here is you assumed I expected you to have foresight. I assumed that someone who makes baseless insults probably wouldn’t have the brainwave to look things up, first. It’s all right, you’re not a bad person or nothin’, you’re just taking the side of someone who made a comment that made him look daft to anyone who knew. My pointing to the credits pages were to enlighten people to this. Also if I had a device to go into the future (see: The Heart of Gold), the probability of me being thick enough to hand it over to some strange person that I’ve disputed with over the internet… well, you’ve read The Guide; pick a random phone number. ;)

  28. scizzer12 says:

    Yeah, I’m done with this post. I give up. If someone has any ideas that I can do, e-mail me…

  29. guorbatschow says:

    wait. are you asking us to look at your credits released 20 days after our release, at which time we should have looked? into the future?

    our release did coincide with nagi’s though.

    from mangaupdates
    11/08/08 Kannagi* 2 11 Dynasty Scans DL
    10/19/08 Kannagi* 2 11 FoOlRulez
    10/19/08 Kannagi* 2 12 Nagi
    10/19/08 Kannagi* 2 11 Nagi DL

  30. Kratos180 says:

    Wow. That was a…colourful…hate letter. The colour brown.

    But I don’t get it – if you guys are putting out worthless shit, how does it make THEM look bad? To make them look bad, your shit has to be better than their shit, right? So they’re admitting that their shit is worse than your shit. And I agree – you guys have awesome shit! Please keep putting your shit up, people like us’ll eat every scrap only if it’s cooked right – and odds are, your competitors burn it on the grill. Granted, sometimes your proofers need to look a bit more carefully at what they’re doing, but…
    If people have a problem with you guys, they should talk it up like accomplished writers rather than literally fill the envelope with feces like I just did. Smells good, doesn’t it? That’s the attractive scent of victory, and you guys should be enjoying it, not listening to people whine about it. If they wanna smell as good, they should at least go as deep.
    …I really hope that all sounded as good as it did in my head…

  31. guorbatschow says:

    @ Se
    they seemed to be happy about the availability of our releases as well *_*

    how about… we serve those who want their dose of kannagi as soon as possible, and you guys serve those who enjoy your “quality”?

    @ Kratos
    lol wait lemme count how many times you used the word…

  32. Se says:


    “how about… we serve those who want their dose of kannagi as soon as possible, and you guys serve those who enjoy your “quality”?”

    That’s how it’s always been. By the way, when you’re inferring that something is dubious you only need ‘single’ quotation marks. Double is for full quotation or quote-in-quote.

    Anyway – speed translations and quality translations are the two polar opposites that have found their place in scanlation. It’s quite an even split between people who want fast and people who want accurate.

    However, there is no ‘competition’ here; we don’t mind you doing whatever you want with Kannagi, but do not act like we want in with your pissing contest. If your leader wants to bitch about Snoopy, then that’s his funeral. Leave Dynasty and TEA out of these little rants.

    Enjoy your work,


  33. arm_of_phong (dynasty) says:

    The truth is…noone can really stop you guys from releasing whatever you want. It’s unfortunate but its true. But I feel like you really don’t understand why everyone is so pissed off.

    What’s got everyone so riled up is that the rules of respect and understanding between us fellow scanlators has been flagrantly flouted. Some of you at FoolDroolz have basically said that you got into the scene without even checking to see if these projects were still being translated by anyone. Anything that people put hard work and time into is going to cause a commotion if somebody messes with that.

    And about Snoopy…how could you have not heard of him…he is the absolute epitome of the manga community, what many decent editors and translators strive to be like. I’ve not been in the scanlation scene near as long as him, but i’ve been involved for a couple years now, and it is a crying shame that people who take no pride in the quality of their work would subvert him like that, and us as well. Yes, yes, I understand the point about speed scans, and that people want their manga NAO. However, as Snoopy pointed out, there are PLENTY of series for you to work on, and it rankles me that you should be subverting the series we work on just to do it faster and crappier. It reeks of wasted time and effort. The best thing to do is to work on enough new series so that people have something to read in between releases of their favorite manga…and if everyone were to look at it that way (most people already do, i think) then there would never be a lack of manga to read. If you do that, someday, you might actually become a real scanlation group someday, with all the respect and admiration that entails in the community. The difference between quality and quantity groups is that noone ever really gets mad at the Quality groups. Have you noticed? If you’re stepping on somone’s toes, then you’re doing something wrong.

    But whatever, do what you will, and like Se said, leave Dynasty the hell out of these rants.

  34. woxxy says:

    I don’t really care who/what snoopy is, if it was a group composed by Google personnel or a two man’s translation group, he’d/they’d get the same treatment. And as said, I know SnoopyCool, but I didn’t know if the manga Lucu Lucu was scanlated before by who nor when, or if it was active.
    I think it was a pleasure treatment too, why you guys keep drooling in the drama? There’s no drama. I gave them what they wanted.

    For what regards Dynasty, there was no offence meant, no, there was absolutely nothing about it. I just named you guys as I named others who worked before on the mangas we work on now to say we never took up projects that were actively on work, as Snoopy wrongly claimed.

    Are you the-ones-who-must-not-be-named?

    Ah, all the other projects, we checked fine.

  35. Chysil says:

    you see the same thing in anime fansubs etc etc etc…

    imo if you have not claimed you are releasing a full volume at a time on your site (gotta give your readers some warning imo) and you are 2+ months behind… you can’t really cry if someone steps in to take up the slack.

    ty for the releases, I’m sure 99% of your readers are very glad you are releasing rather than just letting the manga go dead.

    from my experience with anime/manga translating though, it just seems that most of the groups feel that their group name must be synonymous with all releases or they get butt hurt. Don’t get me wrong I’m not for group drama, but most of the groups I’ve worked with take it personally if someone else works on it… like each series is their girlfriend… actually with people ready to burn their nagi mangas in protest of an ex-boyfriend character… maybe it’s not so strange…

  36. SimplyBill says:

    Do I need to be guilty for recommending Kannagi to Treece as their next project?

    Simple Fact: That page is a lot more disrespectful than stealing projects.

  37. guorbatschow says:


    “how about… we serve those who want their dose of kannagi as soon as possible, and you guys serve those who enjoy your “quality”?”

    That’s how it’s always been. By the way, when you’re inferring that something is dubious you only need ’single’ quotation marks. Double is for full quotation or quote-in-quote.

    end quote

    seems like i’m not the only one making that “mistake”.



  38. Dark says:

    Whatever, as long as there`re still releases .
    Btw, the mangas do not belong to both of you, so plz don`t fight over it .

  39. Se says:


    Uh, from that article:
    “Quotation marks indicating ironic use of a term should be used with care. Without the intonational cues of speech, they can obscure the writer’s intended meaning. They can also be confused easily with direct quotations, so some style guides specify single quotation marks for this usage, and double quotation marks for verbatim speech.”

    Calling me out is bad enough when you’re wrong, and it’s even worse when you link to a source that proves me right. Did you even read it first?

  40. guorbatschow says:

    I love how you didn’t mark the word “some” bold and simply ignored the example.

    I guess narrow-minded people do get aggravated easily over small details, can’t accept ways other than what they are used to and take any objections personal. You see, there are cases where there is no single correct answer. It’s called “choice”.

    Did I state anywhere that you were wrong? No. I simply pointed out that I wasn’t wrong.

  41. Dong says:

    Man, I fucking hate whiners. Scanlators haven’t bought the rights to translate any manga; so, why the fuck do they complain when other groups decide to scanlate the same manga? And no, there’s no need to ask for permission. They simply do not own the rights, the simply did it first. Fuck, they sound like children complaining for nothing. What’s the big deal? Actually, that’s much better for the readers since they have more options, and perhaps the new group releases its scanlations faster.

    Seriously, some people need to stop taking shit too seriously.

    I give my full support to foolrulez, thank you guys.

  42. Hurin says:

    Man, being a simple reader, I’m totally on your side. I’m grateful to those who have worked on the series I read in the past, but past is past, innit? You don’t release scanslations, you don’get to t complain, IMO.

  43. Rawr says:

    A little competition in the workplace has never hurt anyone before, right? It only serves to increase productivity and efficiency. Hell, it might even improve quality ;D

  44. dsf says:

    To be honest, I do not see any problems anywhere. I would have NO problems whatsoever if all of a sudden a dozen groups would release a volume I was working on for awhile. I would have no problem with releases chapters that we already done, or that are just ahead of another group.

    Because…face it. The manga you people are FIGHTING over is NOT YOURS. Not mine, not the readers…only the publishers’ and the author’s.

    In fact I LIKE it when I see multiple people translating something, because some groups are better or faster than others. And its a kind of failsafe, since usually groups die out after a couple of months anyway…

    Anyway…you might as well fight over who owns the clouds in the sky or the lava in the core of the earth…

  45. android13 says:

    Wheover swears on the net loses. Wash your mouth, Snoopy.

    Anyway, stop arguing. Instead of blaming incompetence and speed problems on other scan groups, just work. Geez.