Hayate No Gotoku! chapter 134 released.

Hayate No Gotoku! chapter 134 released.

Ok, while we rebuild Sakuya’s accent into something less bothersome for you readers, here’s chapter 134.

In this occasion, we will have Mio (from K-ON) dressing like a meido. That’s all I say.

Here’s the chapter:

DDL&IRC | Read it. | mediafire

Now, we’ll try making you happy with a decently restyled Sakuya accent. For this it might take a few days before we release another chapter of Hayate… still short enough to keep you thrilled by saying “oh lol fast release~” (so thrilled…)

And I go back to my K-on editing nao!

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37 Responses to “Hayate No Gotoku! chapter 134 released.”

  1. `Guuu-'' Len. says:

    I’d have to agree. If I were to die don’t look at my hard drive contents xD

    -sees Isumi- =O

  2. Hunk says:

    Waaaaaa !!

    Actually, I’m a French translator for Hayate no Gotoku, and it’s hard to follow your current speed xD Let me breathe~ Just kidding =P Our last release is chapter 69 of volume 7, so it’s not tomorrow we’ll catch up with the English version x) (and there are 224 chapters in Japan, still a long road before us…)

    Anyways, keep up the good work, you guys roxx \o/

  3. Anonymous says:

    omg yayz quick release ~~
    thanks for another speedy delivery of hayate ~~~

  4. gingy says:

    hurray….unlike some other sub group, this one releases at a decent speed. Will be sad when this series is finished though.

  5. MangaOtaku says:

    indeed, there is no sign of Hayate having the remote chance of being able to end…..not even if a couple sprouts XD

  6. Hiroko says:

    Wa, I haven’t read Hayate in forever! Now that I got back into it, I was happy because there were so many new chapters to read, but I’ve caught up already. ^^; Anyways, thank you guys for all your hard work! =D

    Oho, so Wataru-kun had a maid fetish, eh? xD Pity he didn’t stick around to see Isumi in her adorable maid outfit.

    I think I’m gonna miss the priest guy a little if he does leave, though. He’s pretty funny.

  7. CF says:

    THanks for the release, we all love maid uniforms
    and the priest is my hero.
    If i had a reason to keep haunting the world it would be that.

  8. Raiden says:

    glad to see ur keeping ur word and the releases are more consistent, TYVM for the chapter:)

  9. Gakuji says:

    huch, no mediafire?
    then i will need to save every single picture manually -_-

    oh, thx foolrulez for another magnificent chapter!^^

  10. Kratos180 says:

    Hooray for the new chapter and it’s brutally obvious Shaman King reference!
    I hope the priest, Rinn/Linn Regiostar/Radiostar or whatever his name is doesn’t leave, he’s a great character! “WRONG!!” I loved that line…

  11. Mr. Glasses Man says:

    Lawls, that’s not Mio XD Getting a bit confused here?

    And Woxxy…. what image is that avatar from? I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

  12. amin says:

    dunno yet..

    me still waiting the new hayate so um foolrulez please publish it faster ok…