K-on! Vol2 Chapter 10 released!

K-on! Vol2 Chapter 10 released!

This chapter is made of lol and win. Go read it.

K-on vol.2 Chapter 10:

Read it | mediafire | DDL&IRC

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11 Responses to “K-on! Vol2 Chapter 10 released!”

  1. `Guuu-'' Len. says:

    Awesome chapter xD. Gooooo Mugi !!

    Waitress… china dress… bunny… -drools-

  2. methaniel says:

    Just as Guuu Len said!
    Chinese dress!
    Thanks for the chapter, but damn, I so much want more of K-on!
    Hopefully the anime is getting released as well ^^

  3. rikku_yunie says:

    Azusa had a nosebleed. Hahaha!! XDDD Such a young person. tsk. tsk. tsk. XDD