What’s this smell? It’s the smell of new Kanokon! (19)

What’s this smell? It’s the smell of new Kanokon! (19)

Woxxy: Smell that? You smell that?
Canis: What?
Woxxy: Furry, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. [kneels]
Woxxy: I love the smell of furry in the morning. You know, one time we had a chapter scanlated, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn’t find one of ‘em, not one single furry. The smell, you know that furry smell, the whole chapter. Smelled like
[sniffing, pondering]
Woxxy: victory. Someday this manga’s gonna end…

This or similar must have happened in our IRC.

Anybody old enough to get the reference? If not, you probably aren’t old enough to read this chapter either :P

Canis says:

FoOlz has got furry and I’m merely one of waiters to serve you all what you so (wrongly) desire. :P
I’m sure you can all read credits (especially this chapters :>) but for all who don’t hang out on the forums (and should) you may or may not (at least I hope so) know who I am.
Check the Team post, I’m the translator and editor for the Kanokon series and many people @ FoOlz proof and check it for me to ensure quality. So I hope you all like it and join the forums (I have a little poll running for what FoOlz projects you read in the Otaku section of the Forums…..go there).
Also come chat with me the IRC gets lonely when lurkers don’t talk, you can find me there along with Rayn/Len./Chii, Vetto, and Lenners talking about just about anything. Come add to our mindless drivel.
Anyway, Enjoy the chapter.

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94 Responses to “What’s this smell? It’s the smell of new Kanokon! (19)”

  1. Insomnic says:

    Thanks for the release! It’s not that long… just read it to see if you like it…

  2. thatdude says:

    Apocalypse Now. lol, I’m actually old enough to have remembered that, but I actually had to google it. My first guess was “Platoon” but I knew it was wrong…Thanks for the chapter.

  3. ZaXXy says:

    poor doggy :P *casts revive3 on ya* then again ionno if yer old enough to know that obscure reference lol

  4. ZaXXy says:

    guess it’s just me… having been on computers for a quarter century makes me feel old at times ^^; and furries are good for the most part btw lol

  5. elperrito999 says:

    S&W I want more manga chapters !! =] Thanks for this chap. I dont want Canis to be dead cuz if he dies then he wont be able to scanlate more of Kanokon :o

  6. amin says:

    hummm i want 2 know the is the manga creator in hayate the combat butler pls respon =_= need respon pls

  7. amin says:

    sry sry still no answer so can somone tell me who is the creator of hayate the combat butler

  8. CanisInu says:

    I’m editing this comment to sound less trollish and ask to be excused from the previous rant.

    Please ask about hayate in the hayate posts/forum threads.

  9. amin says:

    …….you dont have 2 be so mean you know…..and dun say somone coment is stupid it relley sad 2 hear you know….

  10. DarksideVrael says:

    Amin: Since they own this site they kinda have the right to say your comment is stupid

    Also interesting just started reading this manga little odd but still good xD

  11. woxxy says:

    Lol, 7.02 first time you ask and 7.03 already whining that you didn’t have an answer yet.
    Then saying that we don’t have to be mean.

    No troll pls. No tard either.

    And Hayate creator is Kenjiro Hata. God bless him.

    Now go with the wind.

  12. amin says:

    go 2 the wind ehh…..cant cause i am so addited 2 hayate……ooooooo soooooo aaadddiiittteeeddd cant stop imagening me in hayate…..maybe i just….

  13. Logan says:

    Thanks for the chapter. But, what I reallly want to say is thanks for scannimg this manga. Please keep up the outstanding work.

  14. elperrito999 says:

    Thanks for this chapter. The anime is not so good ( The main character looks like a elementary kid. I prefer the manga =] )

  15. Zijian says:

    is this like the record number of response to post?

    and amin, you need to learn how to read and write.

  16. raisfas says:

    Writting here and not knowing what manga is being talked about is pretty outstanding, isn’t it?

  17. elperrito999 says:

    Yeah lol Amin that was like one of the most stupid questions I’ve ever heard :o btw why didnt woxy or the other guys post something in these 2 days ( yesterday or today ) =S what happened? There was nothing to post?

  18. elperrito999 says:

    I want more Hayate =S I dont like the second season so much. The manga rulez :D

  19. amin says:

    just asking shesh all call the question stupid..

    and me to me wan more hayate chapter plsss

  20. CanisInu says:

    In all honesty, and no I don’t intend to explode :P, when something of the nature of Hayate or another series comes into a blog post that is about something I worked on it’s somewhat disheartening.
    I recommend all look at Guor’s post as it offers a little insight on how stuff seems to work around here. For one though, I’ll make it known, I have absolutely no hand in the Hayate no Gotoku project. I don’t edit, translate, proofread, or have a say in any aspect of it. And so when I visit the blog comments section (I do every release b/c I care about what you all think of the work I play a role in) but I find posts about another project (be it asking when it’s to be released and so on) it feels a little bit like your spitting on what I do. As the above blog posts mentions, this is all voluntary, and whenever comments like “wHeRe is teh Hayatez” pop up, what I do seems inadequate.
    Am I asking you to like the series I work on? No, all I ask is you take the questions regarding other series, elsewhere. Like the forums for example, where we have tons of threads based on many different series for all to enjoy. But for the blog, I like how it seems to serve as a medium for me to get feedback on my (and all FoOlz’s) work.
    So thanks in advance should you choose to listen to me, and btw, you’re MUCH more likely to get a response to any questions you may have in the forums than on the blog, this coming from my experience anyway…

  21. highwind says:

    XD XD XD AHAHAHA! Canis dumped his thought-bomb. With my li’l 9 inch EeePC, I actually had to scroll to read the whole thing, even on small-text settings!

    BTW, where’s Hayate?

    And lies, Canis! I only see u for a very short time on IRC! LIES!

  22. CanisInu says:

    Highwind u’ve been away the usualy times im in IRC :<

    Ask Len. and Vetto and others I’m in there all the time, till very late (3-4 am) sometimes

  23. Zijian says:

    haha, i’ll testify for the cannis, he’s on irc and more active than me.

    and whoa there canis, that’s quite some rant. i see you’re really into kanokon… as expected of a furricon XD

  24. kijiya says:

    hello everyone nice to meet you all. :)

    can i know where to get hayate video?

  25. kijiya says:

    hello everyone nice to meet you all. :)

    can i know where to get hayate video? i try google it but when i am watching it,it cant be watch can someone help me?

  26. CanisInu says:

    Oh it has nothing specifically to do with the series it’s just something I worked on and so I want it treated with at least some measure of respect :<

  27. Zijian says:

    who thinks kijiya is just another amin? i mean literally, as in the same dumass chose another nickname.

    why i think so:
    1. posted something regarding to hayate, and posted the same request again after 1 minute expecting an asnwer
    2. said he tried to google already, which could be a reference before to when guor told him to learn how to google
    3. horrible english and grammar

    seriously dude, stop trying to danm hard. and learn to fucking google, it’s not hard to type in “watch hayate online” and then click on a few search results.

  28. kijiya says:

    ……sorry all for me saying those mean word i didn’t really mean it,i mean i got so mad and lose control sorry.I am still mad for the way you all treat me like i am some kind of enemy i mean what did i did to make you all so mad and making me mad….i never seen suck horrible people in my life.I just come here to make friend with the hayate manga creator and this is how you all treat me….now i know why there are many bad people in this world and such little good people.So good bye and good redence and my sorry to these people Zijian,CanisInu,wafflewalrus, and the foolrulez good bye.

  29. CanisInu says:

    But… The mangaka for hayates not here :< would be neat if he was but I can’t think of a single case of an author endorsing the scanlation groups of his/her work.

  30. Zijian says:


    i’m sorry, i’ll stop there. anything else i say would insult your intelligence.

  31. CanisInu says:

    I mean FoOlRulez translates his mangas which are originally written in Japanese, we have no ties to the author of the manga. We do not own Hayate no Gotoku but we love it :)

    If you want to meet the mangaka you would have to go to Japan, and even then I doubt he welcomes all Hayate fans into his home lol.

    But really why would you think he’s here of all places?

  32. kijiya says:

    zijian i am sorry too

    so i have to go to japan…
    canisinu do you mean he’s here?in this website?

  33. CanisInu says:

    Nah he’s not, never has been :(

    Tho this isn’t the official Hayate site, just one that translates his manga and others.

  34. CanisInu says:

    it can be, you have to have people patient enough to do it or have fluent speakers, then have proofreaders to check quality and grammer, and then editors to alter the original manga page to change japanese text into english/whatever language ur translating it too.

    see the “join us” tab for further descriptions on these 3 scanlating jobs.

  35. kijiya says:

    oh that why we must wait for the manga cause to change it’s language and other wow.

    so you don’t change hayate manga only?

  36. CanisInu says:


    and no we do several others as well with many people working collectively… see the projects page if u wanna know the others

  37. CanisInu says:

    im just increasingly bored :>

    plus this is getting the blogs comment count up and it will look funny to see a thread (that averages 20-30) have like 80 lol

  38. kijiya says:

    the blogs comment increase cause there a lot of people chat here to spen most of there time

    i wonder if this server only make’s hayate tranlation wat would happen

  39. CanisInu says:

    Nah people dont spend much time in the blog really, in fact if it werent for the sole reason of inflating this posts comments for mere slight amusement i wouldnt either

    and y would u wonder something like that? alot of others like the other series’ too…

  40. kijiya says:

    like me i spen most of my time at this blog

    i was only wonder wat could happen if you all tranlate hayate and not the other series now hayate would be at lease chapter 150 if i think is correct…..this is just my opinion it’s not like it’s going to be real or anything.

  41. CanisInu says:

    nah chances are that won’t happen, people here work on projects that they want to and working on something that’s not your preference is something u enjoy and all this is for fun anyway.

  42. CanisInu says:

    not all the time no i have life stuff like anyone else, this is a hobby, also Hayate’s not my project

  43. Gakuji says:

    Hi Foolrulez!
    I just wanted to thank you for another chapter of Kano…
    Kano… no… no…

    Did I miss a chat?, Did i missed it? c(O_oC)

  44. noahgab1133 says:

    well certainly an interesting chapter, good work on the translation by the way. keep up the good work.