Kannagi chapter 33 released!

Kannagi chapter 33 released!

Sadly, this manga is coming nearer to the hiatus.

Let me say a thing about the hiatus: many people like to gossip in a negative way on why there was this hiatus. Many said that it was because otakus didn’t like the fact that Nagi wouldn’t be a virgin.

This doesn’t match with what chapters say. It’s mere trolling and is false. The truth is that the mangaka was seriously ill. She had to get surgery. It’s been few months and seems now she will continue her work. Yet, this means we won’t see this manga out for months.

For now, let’s not milk the last releases we’ll bring out. Kannagi chapter 33:

IRC&DDL | Read it

Also, furry credits!


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11 Responses to “Kannagi chapter 33 released!”

  1. alyu says:

    I come for both hayate and kannagi (and k-on and tona-gura and spice and wolf).

    thx a lot guys. too bad we won’t see any kannagi for a while…maybe it will make some time to to catch up on hayate? or new projects?

  2. Hateful says:

    @ title: Not really, the main reason I’m here for is Hayate.

    Can’t say for other series, besides Wolf and Spice, and ONLY when they deal with economics.