FoOlMatik released!

FoOlMatik released!

This is a theme you wouldn’t normally see right? That’s FoOlMatik, a theme that’s made to make your life easier (not mine).

The need: showing two posts on the same level from two different categories and divide one of the two categories in its sub-categories.

The result: a homepage that shows all the latest posts from any category without the need to reload (AJAX used) and two features, simmetrical.

I wanted to make the editing of this theme as easy as possible, which means I have created a (kind of big) theme options page so anyone can fix the theme at own need. Hide the title, display ads a bit everywhere, change the captions: you can do all of that through the theme options.

I suggest to use with this theme WP-Pagenavi and Get-the-image plugins. Even though it’s not absolutely necessary, they make this theme look way better.

The features:

  • SEO ready
  • Options page
  • ADs/HTML spaces via options
  • Switches for showing or hiding parts of the website
  • All the captions can be edited via control panel
  • AJAX for loading categories
  • jQuery for moving effects in home page
  • Threaded comments
  • Two functional tabs in home (they’re sidebars, use the white spaces with useful widgets as applications!)
  • Search (yes, it’s a feature)
  • Sidebar in posts/pages
  • Control panel button in the footer
  • An extremely cool diamond whenever something is being loaded via AJAX!


  • Archives
  • The top white bar: that’s not part of the theme, it’s our website framework. ¬.¬

Demo you say? There’s no demo as for now, it would take many hours to create a decent one. You can see this very website, but ignore the top white bar (that’s not part of the theme). I’ll add here pics of the not active features:

Immagine 4

Big options page, but with explanations.

Immagine 5

Hide the tabs you don't need.

Immagine 7

Up to 9 categories listed

Immagine 6

Show the title/subtitle/ad or all of them together!

The theme still doesn’t have a whole help manual – you shouldn’t need it. Please, post here suggestions and bugs, so I will be able to fix them and release the (epic) version 1.o.

As for now, here’s version 0.8.2:

Not available for download.

-Release notes:

Fixed a bug making the middle tabs not work if the categories selected weren’t exactly 8.
Added page browsing links in case WP-Pagenavi is not available.
Added a system to fetch images also without Get-the-images.
Added a system that shortens excerpts that are too long. It still needs to be refined on the numbers. Useless when the excerpt has new lines in it. It elegantly deactivates if the user added his own excerpt.
There was a bug in the “features/paged.php” file, an extra “endif” making the theme not work.

4 Responses to “FoOlMatik released!”

  1. Gingy says:

    huh…that 4th screenshot just reminded me to do something…I should try to download Zero No Tsukaima…

    Also, this theme thing wont affect anything else besides just going into this website right?