aNi-N-gin widget for WordPress released.

aNi-N-gin widget for WordPress released.

This is the minion version of aNi-N-gin, at the page you can find here:

The widget is really easy to use: just install the plugin and place the widget into the sidebar. Just as easy as that. It will use our server in order to tell the visitors which anime to watch after submitting their MyAnimeList nickname. That is all.

We might be releasing newer versions, but actually this plugin is just a bridge to our server, which means we can change results directly without need of upgrade from your side. This is why the release version is already in “0.9″.

Go get it into the WordPress plugin repository:

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3 Responses to “aNi-N-gin widget for WordPress released.”

  1. M says:

    If I ever make a blog….

    Hmmmm, you’re flooding with tech posts lately. Using lots of complicated words M not understand. M sad he not understand, what he do can?