Anime recommendation system aNi-N-gin

Anime recommendation system aNi-N-gin

What’s aNi-N-gin? The name I gave to this system. Nobody asked for it.

Anime Recommendation Engine
(it’s in the sidebar on the right)

Script & Algorithm: guorbatschow
Widget & (soon)Interface: woxxy

As long as guor doesn’t agree with me that it needs a weird name worth a mecha, this is the real name of this algorithm.

This system we are building in FoOlRulez is quite exceptional, because it has much more of a feature than the usual anime recommendation engine. Usually the scripts just go and tell that the people who watched this watched also that. Does this mean they liked it? No, it means nothing, out of plain lack of info. It’s not that simple, because people might have watched a mainstream anime, and just because it’s mainstream. Doesn’t mean it’s good. And basically no script tells what should YOU watch, but tells what should you watch if you watched that anime and liked it.

Here’s the deal. Just insert your nickname on MyAnimeList. Of course you need your anime list on there.

By gathering extra data than usual, aNi-N-gin (*cough*) is able to make a net of references in order to straighten the search, gets the ratings,

some say it asks if you’re a lolicon…

and outputs for you a list of ten animes you didn’t yet watch but that should reflect your preferences, by associating you with a list of people who rate the animes in a similar way as you do. This… I don’t even…  I don’t exactly know which is the algorithm and I am not interested in checking that, really.

You can use the system in beta version straight away! You see the widget right here, at the right? Anime Recommendation aNi-N-Gin. Just try it out: the more people try the more precise it will become.

Remember: it works better if you rate your anime, the more info it can gather the better.

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17 Responses to “Anime recommendation system aNi-N-gin”

  1. scizzer12 says:

    It doesn’t ask me if I’m a lolicon. and everyone knows, I am.
    I wonder if it already knew….
    That would be weird……..

  2. Gingy says:

    highly doubt a manga version would even be possible. Theres a LOT more mangas then there are anime.

    • guorbatschow says:

      That’s not the issue. It’s not like I entered all the animes manually. It’s just that not many people use MyAnimeList for mangas, so MAL as an information source would suck there. I’d have to look up on mangaupdates’ API

  3. Gingy says:


    “Just insert your nickname on MyAnimeList. Of course you need your anime list on there.”

    so….MyAnimeList….that some sort of website?

    • Yarn says:

      umm yes, u can track what anime your watching and… stuff
      i don’t actualy use it so i don’t really know

  4. guorbatschow says:

    Also note that the engine gets more accurate the more ratings you add to your myanimelist.

  5. Nyarth says:

    Weird.. It recommended me 5 Centimeters per Second even though I already watched it and already on my list D:

    Oh and no question asking if I’m a Lolicon…

  6. Kokuyoku says:

    Still needs more fixing since it’s only working half the time. Out of what It listed to me, I’d actually only consider 1 of the titles on the list and I have no idea how the Studio Ghibli titles made it on that list o_0

    • guorbatschow says:

      why is having studio ghibli titles on the list considered malfunction? the app doesn’t actually read your mind…