FoOlChan “TestUnit01″ released

FoOlChan “TestUnit01″ released

This is the so named “secret project” I have been working on for past two months.

The plan started when our team mate guorbatschow asked me to make an interface for iPhone/cellphones for 4chan, while he’d do the engine.

But, since I was at it, I decided to make first a desktop version, then a iPhone version out of it. That was “ajax4chan” the first version of a real time 4chan browser. After one month, the JavaScript powered page was ready, with a little flaw: it couldn’t post on 4chan. It was using server to retrieve data from 4chan, so we were, basically, a proxy. Not satisfied, I decided to continue the project straight to the second version, without ever releasing the first version officially. This is when I thought that, since I am learning Java, I might as well put that language in the project.

This is how “java4chan” was born, almost identical for interface to “ajax4chan” but completely rewritten to the core, that now gets downloaded to your browser, instead of staying on Took another month to build it, as it has to emulate a browser connecting to 4chan to be able to post. In the end,  against all chances, I got it to work.

So I named it FoOlChan TestUnit01.00.


  1. Never change page. It doesn’t ever need reloading.
  2. Save threads you’re interested in, and you will get noticed when there are new posts in them. Once a thread goes 404, you won’t lose the already saved posts.
  3. Images open in the same panel, after being cached. You can browse 4chan while you wait for images to be loaded. They’ll show up once they’re ready.
  4. Image basket in which you can save images to view later. Meanwhile, they will get loaded.
  5. Save images directly on Hard Disk in one click after selecting the folder
  6. New posts in a thread are highlighted in green.
  7. Twitter system to upload images and post them into your twitter account.
  8. Complete reply/new thread system, without reloading the page.
  9. Open quotes by clicking on the red links, instead of scrolling to the post like on imageboards.
  10. Retrieves quotes from remote threads.
  11. Much faster than any JavaScript system, as it processes data in a JavaVirtualMachine.

And a lot more that would make this list too long.

Said this, FoOlChan is now in the usual place where it always has been: just click on the navigation button, and go to FoOlChan.

It won’t work on Internet Explorer, and Opera will take around 30 seconds to load the JavaVirtualMachine.

For the iPhone/cellphones version, can get there by writing the short url on your cellphone. If your cellphone is good enough, it will work. As for now, it doesn’t work on some S60 like the N95, but I’ll try finding the reason.

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13 Responses to “FoOlChan “TestUnit01″ released”

    • woxxy says:

      I dropped it, as in, I won’t be pushing on this project to make it successful, which was a main point of the project. The application extremely powerful in itself, and could even support plugins. But I have no way to make it popular.

      Next month I might add an imagedumper and some other original extra. Still, I will slow down on working on it, now.

      Anyway, I want to apply myself more on the team, it’s very important to keep up the main point of our scanlation team, which is something I didn’t do for a while.

  1. M says:

    I bet everyone was expecting the “secret project” to be something like 30 RELEASES OF WOXX EDITED MANGA! YEAH!

    I tried it. I get new avatars from /c/ lol

  2. Yarn says:

    PC version no work on safari 4 mac (OSX 10.6, it just sits and loads after you select a bourd)

    and still no iphone home icon i see

    • woxxy says:

      It is coded based on Safari4 for Mac OSX10.6. And I am using it right now.

      And the iPhone icon is fine as it is.

      Also, I don’t like people talking down to me. I am certain you could have said the same while being more respectful. Or maybe you just didn’t notice that your words have an inclination at making things personal.

      • Yarn says:

        sorry, i do that sometimes, i’m to direct (a lot of people get pissed at me about it)
        and it works today :)

        and just to clarify something being dope is a good thing