FoOlReader 0.91 [UPDATE!]

FoOlReader 0.91 [UPDATE!]

I released 0.8 one month and a half ago. I had promised an update by the end of the past year, but that didn’t come. But the wait just baked things better, and so here we are with FoOlReader 0.91!

In the past weeks over 20 groups adopted FoOlReader, and this makes me indeed quite proud. Hopefully I can convince more people to upgrade to a manga reader with preloading – which is the only thing that makes FoOlReader this special.

You can grab it in the downloads section or on IRC by typing “!get FoOlReader 0.91″.

You can find the new themes in the main page about FoOlReader.

What’s materially new, beside two new themes?



  • changed deprecated set_magic_quotes_runtime() function in favor of phpini()
  • fixed missing “traditional” php tag in functions.php
  • fixed bug that wouldn’t let chapter change after the last page has been read (ampersands)
  • fixed bug that wouldn’t let thumbnails work on some servers (rawurlencode)
  • fixed my typo in the blueharu theme
  • fixed and simplified javascript in blueharu theme (dropdowns)


  • made the theme fully HTML5 w3c compliant
  • commented most of code, beside the theme, which would be redundant
  • improved compatibility with Internet Explorer
  • improved compatibility with servers
  • improved compatibility with UTF-8 characterset
  • updated default theme to an even more generic style
  • updated preloading bar with single-line system
  • updated preloading
  • updated automatic page scrolling
  • updated thumbnail system
  • updated system for spread pages
  • moved the default theme functions into the theme file functions.php
  • added a page to list all the chapters of a comic
  • added “back to site” button activable from settings
  • added error catching for chapters with no pages, comics with no chapters, no comics at all
  • added hash system in URL (#page=1) compatible with browser history (back button)
  • fixed CSS to deal with antialiasing on IE and Firefox
  • fixed dropdowns to work only by clicking and to close if user clicks anywhere else
  • fixed bug where some characters in image filanames made the reader skip the file
  • fixed bug with spread pages where keyboard wouldn’t let reader move the page
  • fixed over 30 other rare bugs

That’s a lot of stuff!

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20 Responses to “FoOlReader 0.91 [UPDATE!]”

  1. muge says:

    First non-bot comment because I jizz over code. Also, this is awesome. Download it, you must, even if there isn’t a Cirno theme.

  2. Sasura says:

    whoa. I must admit I didn’t expect there would be so much as 20 groups already using it. maybe I should DL it. just to see >.> (Yea I know, a comment here from me was so not needed, since I’m a complete Noob but well ~)

    • woxxy says:

      It’s not actually so much, you have to consider that many aren’t English.

      It’s actually spreading pretty fast, though. The groups using it are pretty big so smaller ones follow the good example.

  3. Bandages says:

    And once all scanlation groups have adopted the foolreader, you’ll just be that much closer to world domination, Woxxy!

  4. guorbatschow says:

    make an auto upgrade system so that it always gets the latest update by itself.

    or, better, dont. it will fail and people will end up angry cos the manga readers stop working.

  5. anon says:

    Why foolreader is resizing my images?
    Our group works with 1400 of height, but when I upload to foolreader, it resizes tu 1300 height

  6. Yuuri says:

    Hello there,
    can someone help me? I like the get the FoOlReader 0.91 for my website and I don’t know how to get it from IRC.

    Thanks in advance.