I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

I am a web developer, and it’s part of my job interfering with my clients’ ideas. Though, under a certain experience level from the client, I am almost sure I am going to be taken for a fool. It’s expected.

But then, there’s also the readers, that are going to be losing the reading quality I provided. I will therefore stop being such a fool.

So, from now on, I am not going to go against my ideals when people ask me personal corrections for my open-source software. I code for the love of proper reading, not for giving individuals a tool for world domination. There are some things that are objectively right to do, and I did them, or will implement them. And there’s things one shouldn’t do, objectively.

I am never going to add anymore or suggest you code about:

  • Right click block
  • Any kind of code to make saving the page harder
  • disable preloading…
  • Adding registration/login locks
  • Ways to add too much advertising
  • Obliging people to click buttons to read
  • Automatically add watermarks
  • Encryption (yes, there is a certain way to do this)
  • Any kind of horribly thought interfaces
  • Limiting sharing freedom in general

Such requests come mostly from shoujo teams. I respect your rules, and I am not going to change them. I just won’t assist you anymore in your world dominations plans. Find a coder and get him to edit it for you.

Let me say this: I probably have much, much more experience than you, in web development. If you ask me this kind of code, you probably aren’t knowledgeable enough, therefore you should listen to my suggestion. Giving limitations to readers is not only morally wrong, but it’s also annoying them, and making them go to other sites. You’re losing three times.

I am not open-sourcing my software to give scanlators a nice toy, but so I can go to their site and enjoy reading. I am not going to rape my own software from the reason I have created and released it for.

To everyone who is using it to share freely, instead: THANK YOU. You’re contributing in making this community a better place.

28 Responses to “I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.”

  1. Kethsar says:

    That’s why I’m glad KuroViLolitannia has it set to the default FoOlslide (That’s what it is called right?). It allows me to read Lolitannia’s new releases freely, with ease.

  2. Chysil says:

    I’ve always loved your approach to scanning etc. It’s the thing that makes this place great. You do it because you love it and want to share it. You don’t even ask for a thank you in return, but thanks anyways. Never change your ways

  3. Kethsar says:

    I forgot to say Thank you for open sourcing your software and allowing other scanlators to use it. :D

  4. dde says:

    The first two points on that list make me wonder if people still live in the 90s. That’s just horrible and they should be slapped for thinking about it.

  5. DoorKnob22 says:

    Thanks for being a cool guy/girl. (I don’t know what gender you are, lol sorry) and thanks a lot for creating a developing great open software like this for all of us online.

  6. Freak says:

    Yes. I’m Not dead.

    Anyway, Woxxy, I’d like to point out something that i saw today while reading the SnO omake. For some reason the first page would not load, until i went to page 2and then back to page one. I’m using latest version of Firefox, if that makes a difference. Just thought you should know if maybe it was a coding thing or many it’s just the net. (By the way by not load i mean it was the initial awful blurry quality and would not update resolution).

    Hopefully i am not upsetting any of the above things you say you will not change O_O

    • woxxy says:

      I’m not going to change details that limit freedom.

      I think it’s heavily tested enough, so it should work.
      I’ll still check the code later, because I know there’s a little bug in there, though it shouldn’t be visible without developer tools.

  7. LonerGoth says:

    I had a nasty thought after reading the comments… it would take too much time to implement I’m sure… but nasty none the less.

    Here goes: you could make an options area for the reader-people which will allow them to set their own preferences, meaning you can add support to your reader-program for all the things that the scanlation teams want and charge them for the labor cost, yet have all those extra features toggle-able for the reader-people, so that the reader-people don’t have to see them…

  8. Rockmanshii says:

    “Encryption (yes, there is a certain way to do this)”
    Do you mean encrypting the pics? Is the way to do it the thing Valve did with the radios in Portal to promote POrtal 2? lawl.

    • woxxy says:

      No idea what they did. Because I am changing img tags to canvas, I could be able to pull extreme tricks on FoOlSlide.

      I am just saying I won’t.

  9. Kio says:

    First, thanks for awesome software and releases. I read stuff by a couple of groups using FoOLSlide, it’s pretty slick and I really hope more groups start using it. Also, I always start grinning when I see new releases of SYD or SoraNoOto.

    Second, and this is just a rant, not a serious gripe, what’s with (many, if not most) shoujo teams? they have the most restrictive and/or annoying releases possible.. “Sign up for our forums and make 5 (or 10 or 9000) posts, then you can have the manga”.. I don’t particularly want to socialize with fangirls (teenage, sane or otherwise) when I haven’t even had a chance to see if this is going to be something I keep reading.. I just want chapter 1, maybe 2 if they’re really short, then I’ll be fine with joining a forum or FB group or such, where I will thank you for being awesome and enabling my Japanophillia (like I did right up ^^ there).
    Hell, if I like the manga you could put everything past chapter 3 behind a registration/post count-wall, and I’ll sign up/spam you, but every pusher knows giving the first taste for free is just sound business. Admittedly, chances are I still wouldn’t socialize much, being a 33 year-old male, who is not a creepy internet predator, I just like shoujo now and then, you can only take so much shonen and seinen before you begin to warp.
    Sorry for ranting randomly, I just had a few series that looked interesting, (that I’m never going read now) shut down by that unpleasantness in the last week or two.

    • woxxy says:

      Same feelings. I found the shoujo community to be overprotective. While I think scanlation is quite a bit of work, it’s not reasonable to ask the readers a liver, beside the fact that the large majority of readers will just start avoiding the group’s site.

      I believe this kind of mentality pops up from the “freeforums and myspace” era. It happens also with national groups, they act exactly the same as shoujo teams.

      In other words, they are stuck in 2004′s Internet. There’s no competition, no will to get modern, and no interest in changing the dogmas.
      Being able to share in 2011 is power, and when you produce something from scratch and give it away, your site gets visited a damn lot, more than with manga, and you could make a serious business around it, and at the very least, influence people.

    • Anya says:

      I’m replying too much! XP But I’m willing to pay any amount if a “software” does exist! :)) Oh, don’t forget to make it proofread and quality check automatically as well! ;)

  10. SaleenS57 says:

    I think woxxy may have a future in politics.

    Never mind. Get into politics and you have no future.

  11. T1 says:

    Right click block
    Any kind of code to make saving the page harder

    I was going to say that these were good ideas.
    The reason for Foolslider’s existance is giving the readers the chance to read the manga on the scanlators side without going to mangafox or any other online reader and “accidently” thank them but actually thank the scanlators and motivate them more.
    Getting the chance to save the pages will result in that there will always be a bastard among the leechers who will save all the pages and then upload it all to an online readers like mangafox. The rest of the readers on thaat online reader will still read it from there. After all when they find out the chapter is out it’s already up on their usual online reader.

    Then I thought a little about it: Your keyword “world domination” started the grand headache which happens when I try to think.

    You are right, bad ideas.
    Making those changes will start up groups that only have online readers with no releases except if you register or bow down and kiss their feet so you can get a chapter from the group. Heck they could also just go mangastream on us and just have a online reader where you can only read the latest chapters…with no chance of saving.

    • woxxy says:

      Well, yeah, the fact that there are manga readers is for most groups locking releases an excuse to justify what they are doing.