Weekly journal: 15/10

Weekly journal: 15/10

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So what’s this? Well, the team (and 4chan) punished me a bit and got me to realise that this was becoming my personal blog. Even worse, it was becoming a blog about tech stuff, which is just one chunk of FoOlRulez. I replied: «Well, I have nothing to say each release, so I just set up a widget that displays the latest releases.». It worked, but not that well. Therefore, I’ll announce releases every once in a while. This way I’ll be able to give more consistent updates on FoOlRulez, our projects, and whatever is not related to my troll crusades.

Some point need to be made. First of all: the leader of FoOlRulez is Darais, not me. He succeeded me quite a while ago, and he’s doing a damn good job: 15 releases just this past month, and just as many planned this month. My job description became full-time trolling. It is exhausting indeed.

There have been delays on Necrophantasia’s projects lately – Sora no Otoshimono and Kannagi. We’ll get them out this month: Necro just had his time taken up by work. Same for Tonnura-san: Toshi was busy at work and couldn’t get to proofreading it. We can, of course, apologize… but we are doing our best with the resources we have. We will instead focus on releasing more chapters of our other projects, the ones where the team has fewer time constraints (currently SYD and Nusunde Lilith).

This said, this month we’ve released the usual burst of little SYD chapters. We get often asked «Why are you releasing them in this messy order?». The reason is because there are people wanting to read volume 2 (and we agree that we should be consistent in releasing them), but there are also people who want to read chapters that weren’t adapted in the anime. We decided to do a bit of both, and this is why we have been releasing a mix of volume 2 and 4.
More news for SYD: finally we’ll be able to implement the date selection on FoOlSlide, which means we’ll be able to upload SeitokaiYakuin’s chapters for volume 3 without messing with the release timeline. If you are wondering what relevance this has to us, Seito (formerly SeitokaiYakuin) has been the translator for Seitokai Yakuindomo at FoOls since forever now.

You can read and download Seitokai Yakuindomo 13, 14 (vol2) and 85 on our Slide.

We’ve also released a chapter of Tonnura-san. Both FoOlRulez and Suimasen-scans came out of hiatus with this manga. We were planning to release this over a month ago, but life comes before scanlation…and work comes before life. Because everybody was busy with their jobs and such, it came out much later.

You can read and download Tonnura-san 7 on our Slide.

On a personal note, and I have to apologize to the team. Some readers started regarding FoOls as attention whores. This is because of the unreasonable reactions other groups have to our achievements, which puts us in the spotlight more often than we deserve.
In my opinion, people should judge FoOls by how we publish chapters: our releases are aseptic. Our credit pages are timeless, our editing is standardized through all our releases, and any personal touch is prohibited. It’s cruel to say this, but FoOls itself is aseptic when it comes to the hard work between team members.
I won’t lie that I’d love to have an easier relationship with the team members, but over time I learned that some people just enjoy being a bit distant while doing their thing, instead of frequenting the place like the other half of the team does (that’d be IRC).

So, we learned something new today: there’s 19 hard workers at FoOls, and one barking attention whore. Therefore, FoOls is overall a quiet group.

14 Responses to “Weekly journal: 15/10”

  1. nojonochinoma says:

    Those Some readers must learn to read and be patient with your amazing works on every single manga you totally “augment”since the scan raw is provided, i started reading tonnura-san and i love that damn lucky cat now im start reading your other mangas and as i said before we the readers should be more thankful with your releases and be patient we must always see the bright side like the next chapter of SnO is closer to get done by and not waiting other month for those who read it in RAW

  2. Dick Wizard says:

    woxxy, you are aware that your bio still says that you are the leader, yes? The confusion over that matter is understandable.

    • the unoriginal FoOl says:

      “The owner of this website, caretaker of the blog, unstoppable web developer, graphic editor and leader of the FoOlRulez scanlation team.”

      No leader mentioned there. It’s like confusing the company’s sysadmin with the CEO.

      • Xamdiz says:

        “leader of the FoOlRulez scanlation team.”

        “No leader mentioned there.”

        Not sure if troll.

        • the unoriginal FoOl says:

          Sorry, mistake. Now you know why I make so many silly mistakes in frakking exams.

          PS I’m now a ronin without even applying for a frakking uni.

  3. Freak says:

    WOXXY! you lied to me! nah nto rly. but honestly i see Fools as a leader in the scanlation community considering what you put out there for other groups to use so…can;t you guys gloat just a tiny bit?