Christmas donations

Christmas donations

Hey FoOls,

It’s Woxxy the richfag FoOl, blogging from his new 800 euro iPad (bought with meal tickets).

Donations are a serious matter, so let’s keep it serious.

FoOlRulez, with its extremely popular projects and blockbuster-level software, makes over 3000 dollars a day of revenue. This might look like a real lot of money, but there’s a lot of expenses involved, like paying for the protection to the Italian mafia, buying the new Nymph figures for all the team, 70 Euros of electricity every 74 hours, the unlimited Internet connection for all the team, Apple computers for the editors…

But we’re not going to ask you to pay $38.234 Euro a month. No, we’re decent(?) people and know that’s all for our own pleasure.

I’ll ask you one thing: the server leaks around 20€ a month, all from my pocket. While it is a huge server, costing us 60€ a month, we need it because our software, our releases, the 4chan archives and the API calls for a lot of power and bandwidth. The point is, we aren’t wasting the money. I’m actually working hard to cut the expenses, often harder than I’m working on the projects.

I wish I could say software success was making us money, but it’s all open source and used by other scanlators, who, like us, don’t have money to lend anyway. Even though nearly 200 sites use FoOlSlide, for us it’s the biggest expense of the year – in manpower and server power.

Therefore, if you like our releases, our software, or are an user of the 4chan archives, consider rescuing my pocket from paying the remaining server costs. We will then, as per usual, be able to keep working, keep our software updated, keep the releases flowing and publish the new software we have planned (which will be simply amazing stuff: the IRC bot for FoOlSlide, FoOlFuuka and more).

Thank you for your support, both now and in the past. The money we gather will be used strictly for our server costs and possible expenses incurred by our projects. We will, of course, remove the button if we start getting too much.

16 Responses to “Christmas donations”

  1. Whatsht says:

    “paying for the protection to the Italian mafia”
    Didn’t knew FoolRulez had rivals trying to assasinate them.

    Then again, I’m a student, no money of my own(yet).

  2. Anon says:

    It’s not “an username”. Because of the consonant sound, it’s “a username”
    That aside, good luck with the donations.

  3. Lnrgth says:

    good luck with the costs and donations. Thanks for all the hard work, I love the fact that most of the series I pick up on a whim have a foolslide reader!

    • Woxxy says:

      Not my intention to buy those with this money. Honestly, the iPad came from the fact that we had to get rid of hundreds of euros of meal tickets within December…

      Anyway, of course It’s not that obvious for you to you donate, considering that as a member you already work enough. I am very grateful.

      PS: if you were weirded out from the email for donation, I am using Sivert to cover my real name, heh…

  4. noahiswhat! says:

    sup woxxy if i win a lottery i’ll donate in the meantime. hgakjfhsfksfjlfsjkfsjklfjsjfyoudroppedspiceandwolfyoujlkfljkfkjlfhflkjfshfjkfjkjkfjklskiunderstandfjhoijsfjsjsjflsjfjlsjfskjflsjlfjsljflsjflksjflsjfjsljflk

  5. Mashed Taters says:

    If it’s for the Nymph statues… it’s all worth it. Those things are necessities!!! I am so glad you wrote an appeal letter without appealing to let me know to donate! =3