SubReddit /r/manga takes action, supports scanlators

SubReddit /r/manga takes action, supports scanlators

On /a/, I often refer to reddit (more or less ironically) as a community for “normal people”. I honestly have no issue with them, as long as they don’t come posting with that mindset on /a/.

Edit: the new rule was vetoed, so the below doesn’t count much anymore.
Edit from M: LOL

Today, though, they really touched my heart.

In a thread commenting on our post about how some scanlators make profit, it was decided that from now on the redditors (is that what you call them?) will always have to link to the scanlators’ sites to talk about freshly released manga, and posting links to manga aggregators will be prohibited.

You can read about the new rule here.

Scanlation, more than getting traffic, needs popularity. This is in order to get more applicants, which was a problem last year due to other leech sites keeping readers uninformed about us. Of course, it’s very illegal for aggregators to make any profit (and such large profits at that) on the backs of mangakas.

Supporting us is the right move to get more quality and speed in our release. And possibly a more honest community of scanlators. Who knows.

Thank you, /r/manga.


10 Responses to “SubReddit /r/manga takes action, supports scanlators”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ll do realise that most of them will just go back to mangafox/reader/etc anyway, right?

  2. Sandraker says:

    A good step, hope they keep the promise.

    What I really hope is for the industry to step it up and bring for efficient forms for us as consumers.

    Imagine a site where you could read great mangas like JoJo, translated by fans, published in great quality and not pay more than your average MMO subscription.

  3. Anon says:

    Unfortunately the rule was “vetoed” on the reasoning that the subreddit with just under 4,000 readers won’t be able to make a dent in these huge websites. It’s true and the subreddit would probably suffer from the rule. Still, I kind of think the mod should just go through with it anyway really, if just to help scan groups a little.

  4. lup says:

    unfortunately with the death of fileshosting many older translations have been lost forever, especially the ones from older inactive groups, and aggregators site are the last place left to find em

  5. Anonymous says:

    I particulary agree with this. Also it’s a well known those shitty online reading sites are just there for profits and should be removed from the internet. No exception. Too bad I’m too much of a pussy and too much of a lazy ass to involve myself in ddosing and the like those kind of sites as Batoto or mangafox.

  6. AsteriskCGY says:

    Well last I checked Batoto was the one that at least pushed ad revenue towards the contributors while MF runs an early crunchyroll model.

  7. Anon says:

    If you see some threads about scanlations on /a/ just hide it, it´s the same troll over and over.

  8. late /a/non says:

    Honest question: isn’t it illegal to profit from mangakas work, period?
    Just like scanlators are doing? I’m in no way against scanlators making a profit, mind you. Heck, without you guys ill need to learn moons to get my fix!
    It’s just a little strange seeing thiefs accusing burglars of robbery.
    When I finally figure out a way to automate my manga habits ill leave the aggregators, but until then it will be a matter of convenience.

    Not that this post will ever survive, but whatever.