Valentine’s Day is a thing…

What Are You Waiting For, Woxxy?
[18:03:34]   <greent1>   you guys don’t have a valentine post
[18:03:38]   <greent1>   what’s up with that
[18:03:46]   <instantdeath>   lazy maybe?
[18:03:52]   <greent1>   I expected more, [REDACTED]
[18:04:10]   <[REDACTED]>   valentines’ is a thing between you and your waifu
[18:04:11]   <greent1>   like, 30 pages of waifu-fiction or something
[18:04:22]   <[REDACTED]>   the team has nothing to do with my waifu

15 Responses to “Valentine’s Day is a thing…”

  1. Tensei says:

    You will never get to hold hands with your waifu and get chocolate from her on Valentine’s day.


    • GBolt says:

      I’m happy you appreciate it. It took me a good minute to find out the source of [REDACTED]‘s iPad wallpaper.