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We are known as the most pro-reader scanlation group. We brought you FoOlSlide, we brought you FoOlReader, and we even brought you FoOlFuuka, the best imageboard.

But as time passes, scanlation keeps changing. Some people watermark pages like it’s their own material and claim rights to the manga and I really feel they should stop. However, we know how people on the Internet are…

But we saw it coming.

We know how greedy scanlators can get and that’s why we have prepared a function that resides in every FoOlReader and FoOlSlide. This function allows our comic readers to view the original input file presented to the software PRIOR TO WATERMARKING. Yes, you can now see the unwatermarked versions of the scans. This was a dev-trick that allowed us to read any manga anywhere without having to see watermarks. But, we saw how the situation was worsening and decided to reveal the trick to the world.

Ok, just tell me how!

It’s easy: you just need to install an userscript in your browser. The script is able to detect when you are using FoOlSlide or a FoOlReader and it will enable image source detection, procuring the original, unwatermarked image for you.

Here’s the file: FoOlUnwatermark (1669)

On Opera:

If you haven’t set your userscripts folder, go to Preferences (Ctrl + F12) → Advanced → Content → JavaScript Options → User JavaScript Folder. Choose what you want your userscripts folder to be. Save the FoOlUnwatermark file into your userscripts folder.

On Firefox:

You need either GreaseMonkey or Scriptish. If you have either extension installed, clicking on the link should work.

On Chrome:

Just click on the link.

So yeah…

We hope this will ruin the plans of those dastardly scanlators, and that it will take them quite some time to catch up and find the code that splits the watermark layers. As we are clearly the most tech-savvy team in scanlation (and seeing as how everyone else is bad at computers) I don’t see that happening this year.

So, will they just stop using FoOlReader/FoOlSlide? If they do, you will know THEIR TRUE COLORS.

El. Psy. Congroo.

24 Responses to “FoOlUnwatermark”

  1. spelcaztr says:

    Wow! Fool really rulez! hahaha! so that’s how the watermark suddenly disappeared. I agree. Scanlators should have more pride in providing a top class scans. I mean, they are SCANLATORS. Putting watermarks just to get appreciated or to claim a work is not a bad thing but if in the process they ruined their own mastepieces then they they do not deserve to be called a scanlator in the first place. XD

    • Dark_Pride says:

      For real. What if the scanlators doesn’t release clean versions? What if the scanlators doesn’t post the clean version to Fool Reader? Since this relies on image source detection (?), this may not work for groups like Manga-Heaven, Dragon&Fly, etc. That’s how I understand the method.

  2. Rikku says:

    This is great in sooo many levels.

    By the way, that’s some impressive coding skills here, and I had a good laugh with the “DTFYWWT” license.

    I’m really, really glad to find a scanlation group with standards – both professional and moral – and the competence to actually live up to its opinions and pride. Congratulations.

    Will be hacking away at FoOLSlide this weekend =)

  3. ZdrytchX says:

    actually theres a way around this watermark even without the program working. Im not gonna say how, but you need to fix it. Its a simple obvious trick.

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