Why I don’t share team members

Why I don’t share team members

Every time this is brought up, people think I am arbitrarily applying restrictions to my team members. This might seem strict, but hear me out.

Consider this from our point of view: we have a relatively large group of 20 active members, of which at least 15 have been with us for over one year, ten for over two years and at least five having been with us for six years. We don’t only scanlate: we also code and maintain the 4chan archives – ergo, there’s a lot of trust involved.
We take the team extremely seriously.

Point zero: all members joined acknowledging this rule

We’ve had this rule for six years and it was in all our recruitment posts. We wouldn’t allow people to join multiple guilds, and we wouldn’t allow them to leave and rejoin. This rule works for many reasons, some unknown even to me, and keeps the team solid.

Members have plenty of work to do

There’s no point in sharing team members with other teams when our own group’s work is enough to fill everyone’s plate. We have a huge backlog of chapters, since we work on several series that we started after several volumes had been released.

Our members are too nice

Some of them will not look at what they have on their FoOls backlog and traipse easily into the matters of other groups – even if they don’t get credited. If they really insist on being exploited, I’d rather exploit them myself with a double dose of chapters.

The word ‘joint’

If a team member must work with another group, it can be a thing called a joint release. We partner with the other group and make the situation a bit more official and controlled. When the chapter reaches us, I assign that part of the chapter to the member. This allows me to fine-tune the member’s workload. I can even tell another member to do the job.

People who join multiple teams act weird

It is really embarrassing to deal with a person who is working for more than one team when you are the leader. Being told that another group has priority is the worst offence I can receive.

Different teams, different cultures, different ideals

When we work in joints, there’s always a lot of disagreement on the standard we use. The reason why we held a joint with Suimasen-scans is because our teams are pretty close in ideals and editing standards, and maybe even in culture.

If a member joins two teams, he will create a lot of friction inside your own team. He will throw the other teams’ standards into your projects, criticize your methods using another team’s examples, and cut straight into your IRC culture.

Most of them are useless and join for the name alone

People join multiple teams just to be in the ‘cool’ teams. Not to boast, but we can seem pretty cool to some. I’d say more than half the people who work for multiple teams join and never work.

Productivity is not the point

The point is to be laid back and get work done without being stressed out.

Our team’s tranquility would be shattered if we let people in without this rule in place. We’d lose a lot of our identity and start requiring rule discussion all day, instead of being able to do what we like with our team, the only group which our members should care for.

In my opinion, our rule is a luxury, not a limit.

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14 Responses to “Why I don’t share team members”

  1. NTRayh says:

    “I’m beta as fag and I don’t like having my team members NTR’d by other groups.” is another plausible point :P

    Just kidding~

  2. MintyFresh says:

    Hey does anyone know what happened to fool unwatermarked I just got a new computer but cant find the add on for my web browsers anymore

  3. T1 says:

    Sorry for being weird. I guess, I should never have moved away from the first group I joined. I wouldn’t have had these problems. You are right! So right! I see the light! Though then there would probably be fewer releases around ZA WARUDO. D:
    (Yes, it felt good to see projects dying cuz I stopped. Just told me that more people should start to scanlate if they wanted their releases xD)

    Btw 15 + 10 +5 = 20? (well except if you keep counting the counted ones again)

    • viscoun says:

      I don’t see how your link has anything to do with anything about this post…