I need one or two good editors

I need one or two good editors

I’ll make this short, because this is aimed at people who already have decent Photoshop experience. I am usually fine with teaching people how to edit, but I’m a bit short on time and I don’t have an urgent need for more editors.

So, what’s editing? Editing is cleaning and typesetting. At FoOlRulez every editor knows how to do both. I can accept it if you have a preference for one or the other, but you won’t often have much choice.


  • English
    You need to be able to understand English well
  • Open minded
    You know we do a lot of open source work and that we like to stress we don’t own the manga
  • Be narcissistic
    Every editor in Foolz claims to be the best editor (btw, I am the worst editor in Foolz)
  • Don’t be in another group
    You won’t have time for other groups. If you quit a group for us, you are disqualified
  • Be a bit of a workaholic and like the manga we work on
    Editors spend more time with the manga than anyone else, so you should be able to enjoy it, or at least stand it

I don’t mind if you moan while editing. I don’t mind if you ask a lot of questions. However, I loathe editors who give an OK about a chapter and still haven’t started two weeks later. ESPECIALLY if you don’t notify me about the delay. We aren’t a group who demand fast editing. You’re not required to edit a chapter in less than a week, nor will you be expected to edit more than one chapter a month. We’re very laid back and have no release schedules, but we must get things done eventually.

Bonus points if you’re some 4channer, especially if you edited chapters as Anonymous. We don’t have any scanlation drama and we are an independent team (another reason why we don’t allow our team members to join other groups). The majority of our members are regulars on 4chan. If you wish to join a group, we’re the right one.

There’s a short test to take, composed of a couple pages. It comes with an extensive list of instructions and suggestions that I wrote myself. You’ll be forgiven for little details I didn’t list, or for miniscule, pedantic things, but there are suggestions that I listed three times, which I absolutely require.

If you care to join us, send me a mail at recruiting ATTO foolrulez DOTTO org, and just ask for the editor test.

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5 Responses to “I need one or two good editors”

    • Darais says:

      There is not. It’s a waste of our time and of your time. Either you want to edit for us or you don’t.

      • scizzer12 says:

        If you want to take the test for fun just ask for random pages from the IRC and practice them in the safety of your own home.

        Also, I’m not a narcissist, I’m a realist. I am the best editor.