Six years of foolz

Six years of foolz

Why are we even still here, six years later.

We’re so old, and there’s so many who are still sticking with us. Thanks to all the team members who have been with Foolz for the past years, and thanks to the ones who joined us this year to stay. I still couldn’t buy the FoolHQ in Germany, but there’s good chances we can abusively inhabit Sivert’s mansion far north in Norway.

Don’t lose hope, foolz.

What happened this year?

On the scanlation front, not so much. Back in 2011 we were still doing some silly propaganda to make scanlators look better, but ever since the end of 2011, we stopped caring and went on just doing scanlation. We just kept scanlating, and scanlating, and scanlating. Sorry if I say it ain’t that exciting, it’s a fun hobby, but we really don’t have interesting stuff going on.

We completed Nusunde Lilith just a few days ago with its 18th chapter. Author went full perv, the entire team was facepalming. This project went on for three years, oh man we were slow. It was a funny ride, and not because of the drawings’ quality (not even always up to par), but because the plot was so bad… resulting in tons of inside jokes. Guy sells paintings of his nude little sister and she goes stealing them. Seriously?

I think we released about 80 chapters this year. Actually a bit upsetting, but we work on less series, because we have less translators. We’re past 500 releases now I believe, but I don’t really care about these numbers anymore.

On the coding side, lots of special stuff. After our comic reader software FoolSlide went big and became stable enough, we picked up another project: the 4chan archives. Leaving details aside, this spawned a ridiculous project that would be “coding a proper bulletin board”.

Did you know that we are the programmers of the hands down best bulletin board software ever written? Now you do.

What’s next?

We still have to release a stable version of our bulletin board software FoolFuuka. This should happen this month, even though to get the automatic upgrade system we’ll have to wait for October.

We’re planning to rewrite FoolSlide too, since now we have way better tools. I’d say in October our work to rewrite FoolSlide will start, and it shouldn’t take that long to get back in par with the currently public version.

Also, I wish we could pick up one new, really really cool manga.

One more thing.

Happy Birthday, Tanline.

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19 Responses to “Six years of foolz”

  1. guorbatschow says:

    Has it really been so long already? happy birthday!

    To think that it all started out on Flaris…

  2. gebakkenvis says:

    Too bad nobody remembers that music, because everyone was just standing on buff hill, mastering their skills, F button + something heavy. And when you were there actually, you would listen to your own music and talk to others. :D

  3. ScarredBushido says:

    i did just came because of the picture of Nymph….but still happy birthday xD
    keep bringing me SnO =)

  4. :D says:

    I’m glad you guys enjoy doing this so much. Thank You for all of your hard work. I’ve enjoyed all of your releases up until now and I don’t care how long (or short) they take to be released. Thanks again, and keep having fun

  5. red255 says:

    not sure the best place for this but after page 9 of SnO chapter 65 its not loading.

    bad upload? Server too busy? dunno. just commenting so someone uploads it if you’ve finished it.