Oh wow they steel our purojecto!!1!

Oh wow they steel our purojecto!!1!

I’m happy if you’re getting kicks out of this ‘drama’, but let’s be honest: this isn’t really drama. Real drama only happens when we contact the other group… which we didn’t.

We agree that their release isn’t of acceptable quality, but let me be honest: our releases aren’t that great either. We leave in a couple mistakes and notice only a few days after release. There are teams who could do much, much better in 24 hours… but those teams know about FoOlRulez. They wouldn’t work on our projects simply out of respect for the contributions we’ve made to scanlation. I mean, they’re probably using our code!

First, I want to credit them for one thing. «Why do you have to sit here getting so autistic, huh?!» is the greatest thing ever. I got autism while figuring out what it meant. Should’ve read it while standing. This is the birth of an amazing new meme.
We’ve written ridiculous things too; it happens all the time. We still don’t fucking know how guitars work, and Greek letters remain as our greatest enemy. Oh God, it’s so embarrassing just to think about. To think people consider us good scanlators!

That said, there is something else I want to say. Competition is the most pointless thing in scanlation.There are so many series to work on, and overlap is redundant. I suggest they to pick up another series, since there’s no point in having two groups translating Sora no Otoshimono. It’s all a big waste of time, and we certainly won’t stop working on it, since we’ve worked on it every month for 3 whole years.

The series I suggest they pick up is “Daisuki desu!! Mahou Tenshi Kosumasu”. It is a sequel to Sora no Otoshimono. Sugata’s even in it. You can find the data about it on MangaUpdates: [link]
This series hasn’t been touched for almost a whole year, and there are many people who want to read it, including the members of FoOlRulez. You wouldn’t get a single hater on you for scanlating that. On the contrary, you’ll probably be very well-received.
Make sure you mail the other group first! They might have chapters ready to release! Stuff like this always happens.

More suggestions for the other group, since they just entered the international scene:

  • English readers really hate AdFly. They don’t mind ads and donations, but they absolutely hate interstitional ads.
  • If you plan to get big, use our manga reader FoolSlide. All the best groups use it because readers love it. You can find it here: [link]
  • Don’t pick up series that have been released in the last 90 days. This is a general rule agreed on by most international scanlators. Also, always mail the previous scanlator to ask if they plan to release more. They might be preparing a mass release! (this happened to us, and we were the fools in that scenario!)
  • Speed isn’t that important: it’s only people who are new to manga that want things TOO fast. A monthly manga is OK as long as it’s scanlated before the next chapter is out. This is why you should invest more time in proofreading.

Hope we’ve been helpful with this. The Foolz team is fine with competition. The readers will wait for our releases anyway, simply since we’ve been here for so long. We never disappoint. I think.

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31 Responses to “Oh wow they steel our purojecto!!1!”

  1. Jade Maehara says:

    For the love of Nymph, support Foolz! My month wouldn’t be complete without their releases of SnO, and they’ve done such a great job over the years that they deserve statues made of them and put up in Trafalgar Square, London.

    Yep, definitely. And maybe some form of cult as well.

  2. Austin Sansom says:

    Yes…YES! We must make this a meme. Imagine! T-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, hats, all bearing on them the most sacred words of wisdom: Why do you have to sit here getting so autistic, huh?!

  3. jakeslogan says:

    I know how you feel Foolz. I don’t know why you used “steel”, but if you meant “steal” then I have to disagree.
    Maybe you think everyone in this world reading manga in English, what you didn’t think of is there are groups from countries that do not use English as their primary language, that means they can scanlate the manga into their language version then if they feel generous, they can use the scanlated material to make into an English scanlation without taking much time, thus, making mistake or having strange words is unavoidable thanks to the power of their dictionary.
    It’s not like they want to or intend to waste their time compete with you. But telling them to pick other mangas to scanlate seems to be unreasonable since they have to scanlate the manga into their language anyway. I know you want the better for both world but please at least study your peer more thoroughly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm… Jake, I don’t think you quite have the full picture, or you’re misunderstanding something. By stealing, Foolz isn’t saying the other group is using their work, stealing means that the other group has started to scan SnO into english. Generally speaking, you dont start scanning a series that a large scan group has been scanning for the last 3 years.

      • jakeslogan says:

        Uh, I didn’t say Foolz accusing them for stealing their work, and I know very well Foolz was talking about the project. Maybe I made things sound complicated, all I wanted to say is there are groups doing indirect scanlating, and problems like “autistic” will keep popping up in the future, you might find it the word strange, but they might find it more appropriate in their language. And since the problem won’t solve it itself, telling them to do other projects is pointless. When other groups see the problem as an ‘itch’ they will start rescanlating again.

        • Wohlfe says:

          You’re right, there are groups doing indirect translation, that’s why you get proofreaders who understand the language. When a decent proofreader looks at the bad translation they’ll immediately realize it’s inappropriate, examine the context, and offer a rephrasing. “Why do you have to sit here getting so autistic, huh?!” becomes “Why are you sitting in here being depressed?” or “Why are you sulking in here all alone, how depressing!”.

  4. MXMach says:

    Read that release, and seriously, the english wasn’t in great standards and also, it had many differences in meaning from the raws view; it felt more like a re-edit then a proper scanlation.

  5. Eos says:

    I don’t see the point in scanlating SnO if you know that another team has been doing so for years, seems silly.

  6. goober says:

    You guys disappointed me with Kannagi. Just sayin’.

    That being said, I think you guys have much higher quality standards than other groups. Your releases really do deserve to be called great.

  7. asianaussie says:

    i cant stop laughing at these scans

    i think ill stop translation just because these guys are such quality entertainment

  8. VawX says:

    “Speed isn’t that important: it’s only people who are new to manga that want things TOO fast. A monthly manga is OK as long as scanlated before the next chapter is out. This is why you should invest more time in proofreading, and in being relaxed.”

    Yep, this statement alone is just too “true” mmm…

  9. jakeslogan says:

    Hey Foolz, please keep on scanlating this manga. You’ve been a reliable group until now and I really want to see more releases from you guys.

  10. obvious says:

    I don’t think you should be worry about this, fools.
    Seriously, BHH is one of the most hated groups in Vietnam. I don’t even understand why they think they should do an international release.

  11. pff says:

    I don’t see the big deal. Complaining about another group “stealing” a project is the most ludicrous statement you can make when it comes to scanlation. It’s not your manga, you own absolutely no rights, and you’re treading a gray area in copyright infringement (not that I’m familiar with all the ins and outs of it lol). I’ll agree that there is proper etiquette that one has the choice to follow. If they don’t, oh well. I say good luck to anyone who has the balls to challenge a strong group. If you don’t like it, then outdo them. It’s like a duel. Just accept it. Competition is pointless in scanlation? That’s just retarded. Look at Illuminati Manga. I’ve seen them “steal” projects and then sit on them like they own it. When another team tries to “steal” it from them, they suddenly care about the series and then have a bulk release of it (see Suicide Island). That’s just my opinion, I guess. Sure you don’t do what they do, but if somebody wants to challenge you, then you must compete or bow out. Posting in your blog to cry about it is childish. I can’t read Japanese, so I can’t say that their translation is perfect, but I didn’t find it that bad for their first release. They just felt you were releasing too slow and the majority of leechers desire speed over quality. Just beat them and quit bitching about them competing. Yeah, my comment is a mess. Deal with it.

    • pff says:

      After reading the last few posts on this blog, something is standing out… Don’t tell me you feel threatened by one new group? Devoting an entire post to them when you rarely ever post anything seems kinda sad. Then you make another post about the release of chapter 67 approx 48 hours later (likely less, but I’ll just follow the dates). It really looks like you’re trying to hide that intimidation, seeing as you don’t make posts devoted solely to a release of a single chapter. That’s how it looks from my standpoint. You’re an interesting character…

    • woxxy says:

      You probably need understand the tone.

      I use the term “project” because we don’t own the manga.

      Competition is pointless in scanlation: yes. Two groups doing the same series is a waste. If we sucked with SnO and they were good at it, we’d drop SnO and work on our other series, or pick up another series. In this case, they should go work on another series.

      Because of all this pointlessness, we have scanlation etiquette: if a group is good, leave it alone.

  12. chaosraptor says:

    The big deal is that it is seen as a waste of effort/talent (depending on the group). Instead of working on a series that isn’t getting attention one series is getting released twice.

    Honestly there is nothing to compete over. Groups will continue to translate and readers will continue to read whichever version they want (sometimes both..maybe).

    And god forbid a group addresses reader concerns or questions. Its not like you ask customer service a question expecting no reply when you go to a store.

    • Wohlfe says:

      >And god forbid a group addresses reader concerns or questions. Its not like you ask customer service a question expecting no reply when you go to a store.

      I’m not sure if you’re directing this comment at us, but it shows a pretty hefty sense of entitlement. Unlike some might have you believe, scanlation isn’t a business and you’re not a customer. Groups scanlate manga on their own free time because they want to. We have an entire section of the forums and archive dedicated to feedback and issues, and anyone is welcome to stop by the IRC and talk to us.

  13. jakeslogan says:

    Their weak point is inaccuracy due to indirect translation, their strong point is quality. So no matter what project they do, sometimes in the future, other groups will rescanlate those projects if the accuracy is unacceptable.

  14. chaosraptor says:

    No I was directing it towards pff for calling the topic childish. I thought what I said reflected that enough people asked if you were dropping this in light of the new group to the point Foolrulez decided it warranted front page attention. I curious who this “some” is however. I’ve only seen groups ask for donations to fund the hobby and never ask people to pay to see their work.

    My fault I guess for using a poor example to explain, what I thought was, a post made to address mass fan concern.

  15. Darais says:







    • a mug says:

      So you’re telling me… guitars are made of miracles.

      Which, in case of K-ON, may as well be a fucking miracle LOOK AT THAT MOEBLOB FINGER ON THOSE STRINGS HOW DOES THAT WORK

  16. senen says:

    “gives a stick”
    i read the chapter published by BHH-FC, honestly with my level of English my opinion does not matter. It’s right, the translation of Fool is better but i dont care so much because i dont understand everything. But what I can say is that the work of Fool is most cleanest, I find it more enjoyable to read the chapter published by Fool. continue the good work =)
    Please do not hit me too hard XP