Hey you!

Hey you!

I want to work on Zero no Tsukaima and Tona-Gura! !
Someone come translate them. (IRC, forum, comments below. Hit us up. Please.)
Thanks and have a great day.

I have been informed we are recruiting for other positions as well.
Editors and Proofreaders and idk, whatever else makes the ship float (are we still a ship?)

If you’re interested in one of those then send an email to recruiting AT foolrulez DOT org
or go to the IRC
or post in the forums
or whatever.

6 Responses to “Hey you!”

  1. Allan Mills says:

    I’ve started buying the commercial translation which they renamed to Zero’s Familiar. Will take a while to catch up to where FoolRulez has translated up to though.

  2. Tim F. says:

    I was just wondering what happened to Sora no Otoshimono. I am really hoping that you guys continue translating it because the other groups that are doing it aren’t as good. :/