Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

tl;dr We got fired. We forgot to add the watermarks, so Yen Press decided we didn’t deserve to be paid. No more Spice and Wolf. Iincho will likely not be continued.

In case you didn’t notice, yesterday’s post was an April Fools’ joke. If you caught it, good for you. If you didn’t, don’t worry – even members of the team were fooled.

I have a few more releases lined up that I hope to get out by the end of the week. Tonnura 17, Iincho 3, and a couple SYD extras, to be specific.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s mass release! I certainly enjoyed spending the day releasing it.

On the subject of Iincho:

We started this project in 2010. No, that’s not a typo – these chapters have been sitting around for about 4 years. A number of things prevented their release, so they never saw the light of the computer screen. I figured April Fools’ was a perfect time to get them out of the backend and let you guys have a chance to read them.

If you look at the credit pages, you’ll notice that a number of the people on them are no longer active and haven’t been seen in years. We will likely not continue this series past chapter 3. We don’t have a translator for the series, and we’re slightly understaffed on editing. I also haven’t checked around for raws, so I don’t know whether they’re available or not (DO NOT LINK RAWS IN THE COMMENTS). However, we might continue should we find a willing translator.

On the subject of Spice and Wolf:

We have no intention of continuing this series, as much as I’d personally love to pick it back up. Yen Press has it licensed and is, at this point, so far ahead of us in translation that we’d never catch up or surpass them. If you want to buy them at a reduced cost, check out your local used book store – the one near me will order new books for you and sell them at 75% of the list price. You can also order from RightStuf and have it delivered to your door.

I cannot guarantee that the quality is as good as you’d get from a FoOlRulez scanlation, though. I have the light novels from Yen Press, and they are absolutely littered with English errors. I suspect there are a number of mistranslations as well, but have no way of checking at this point.

Finally, if you hadn’t noticed, I removed the region locking on Spice and Wolf. This will remain until I decide to re-apply it and remove the joke chapter from the reader (might be a couple days, might be half a month). Enjoy – not that you couldn’t do so on an aggregator.

11 Responses to “Breach of Contract”

  1. The-One says:

    Spice and Wolf, damn you Yen press!

    Welcome ba…I have mixed feelings about taking “the used and thrown out dishes” back into my home >.>

    PS: No no used local bookstore here and right stuff want a picture of my passport….sure, I’m handsome but there’s a limit to things, you know…

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