Thank you, FoOlRulez people.

Thank you, FoOlRulez people.

Hello, it’s been a while. I know this post will make less noise than a tree falling in a forest, but I feel like I should write it.

12 years. When I officially started FoOlRulez, the 2nd of September 2006, I wasn’t doing well with pretty much anything, and I felt like I needed something more in my life.

Since then, we all dedicated thousands of collective hours to the several projects: scanlation, games, code. It became very big, bigger than life sometimes, and then it died down as real life came our way.

I’m here to say thanks for all these times. If it weren’t for (y)our efforts, I would not be as successful as I am nowadays. A lot of you inspired me to do more, and be better. With FoOlRulez I only met smart people, understanding people, hard working people. I met several of you in real life, and some of you directly helped me be where I am now. I have no regrets for how I spent and enjoyed my time with all of you.

I learned a lot from mistakes I made with the team, here’s the main takeaways that made me grow into the leader I am today:

  • Do few things at a time, rely on others as soon as possible. One of the main issues with Foolz was how I was often to be asked about every management matter. I had to be involved in everything, managed to do few things, and not well. If I relied on the team much earlier in the story, we could’ve done much more work, better.
  • People first, work later. I often stressed out people to get work that required lots of passion. Work that comes for passion requires time. It’s easy to burn out when it’s passion moving you. Respecting people’s time could have resulted in more consistent work being done, for longer.
  • Don’t feed off drama, don’t be toxic. I often looked for controversy, and tried to frame it conveniently and be a champion on it. This fired back. If I were always a positive force in the team, everyone would’ve been happier.
  • Trust good will, not results. I trusted too often the people who’d do the job, not the ones who were earnest and loyal. Loyalty should be celebrated more than work done to a higher standard. It goes a longer way.
  • Ego disappoints people fast.

Ultimately, I wanted to tell FoOlRulez that I am sorry to have been such an edgy kid, and hope you forgive me for my many mistakes as they were made in my youth. I am glad that almost all of you are still my friends, even if we don’t talk so frequently now.

I think it would be wrong to say FoOlRulez is over. Maybe our public work is, but the team is still mostly together. I wouldn’t bet on a come-back, and I don’t think we’ll have more Foolz-branded projects. But, I know our friendships will last many more years, some forever, and I hope one day we’ll work together again.

Thank you all for giving me the privilege of working with you. I wish I realised how blessed I was a long time ago.



16 Responses to “Thank you, FoOlRulez people.”

  1. Austin Sansom says:

    Thanks for everything Woxxy! I plan to give a more proper thank you to you and the entire FoolRulez team when I finally finish my Heaven’s Lost Property Love Letter for all your great work on that series, but hopefully, this will do for now.

  2. Valthonis/Satanel says:

    My first manga made in spanish was with an english version of FoolRulez, it’s been a while, but… only to say one thing, you were great, and it’s been about 12 or 13 years, so… I hope you have it great with what you want to do now.
    Thank you for all your work, guys.

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