The Team

Nick Position Twitter
Woxxy Boss and programmer @woxxy
Darais Does lots of things @siaraDarais
gebakkenvis always been here @gebakkenvis
Sivert workpony @siveruu
Seito SYDded @seitokaiyakuin
DKW proofreader in CAPS
asianaussie proofing and slipping
scizzer12 edits on commodore @scizzer12
alphonse fasteditor @alphonse2000
urielmatt artistic editor @urielmatt
Benner beaner editor @bennnner
Yosh Translator
Kuma-kun Translate-bear
Rooftop Jazz Swingin’ translator

Missing in Action/Retired

Nick Position Twitter
Z-Virus boss proofreader
guorbatschow whipman @guorbatschow
Necrophantasia canasian in Japan @necrophantasia
MLLofTUHC Dr.translator @MLLofTUHC
formerly Tonnura-fag @vedasisme
highwind tinkle proofreader @tinklewind
fadamor busy proofreader @fadamor
GBolt trollreader @gbolt_0
Toshi proofreads them lolis @acatirl
muge editor… designer @mugeca
Entry-level Entry level editor
A-L Likes to stroke
Mailia A Star @mailia

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18 Responses to “The Team”

  1. evil_turtle says:

    hi i was wondering if i can be of any use i’m a mexican graphic designer so i thought i could be an editor